Laptop Special: Processor Wars

DQI Bureau
New Update

When AMD launched its dual core Turion 64X2 mobile technology, it opened up a

new premise in mobile computing. Chris Cloran, vice president, AMD Mobile

Division, observed “This is advanced mobile technology for the office or home,

packing dual-core processing for extreme multi-tasking, 64-bit computing,

extended battery life and cutting-edge technology from industry leaders in

wireless, connectivity and graphics.” AMD has been giving Intel tough

competition is pitching heavily on 64 bit. Meanwhile, Intel in the last one year

has launched Core Duo and more recently Core 2 Duo. Intel's latest processors

are based on the Core micro architecture. All major PC vendors ship both AMD

Turion 64 and Intel Core Duo machines. The hallmark of these new age processors

is thin and light form factor and extended battery life that is the key to

mobile computing.


The 64 bit Battle

Intel sure dominates the processor landscape, but ever since AMD started the

64 bit market movement, Intel is rather nudged to come out with more powerful

processors to counter AMD. Last year, AMD launched its Turion 64, single core,

it was hailed as the industry's first pure play 64 bit processor that can

handle emerging OS like Windows Vista. Many PC vendors like HP and Fujitsu,

launched Turion 64 based machines. But even before the excitement settled, Intel

pulled a coup of sorts by announcing its Core Duo processors, code named Yonah,

but the catch was it cannot run 64 bit apps. It looked like AMD had an edge here

due to its 64 bit capability. But with Intel recently launching Core 2 Duo,

which was code named Merom, with 64 bit capabilities, it has squarely countered

AMDs recently launched 64 bit dual core Turion.

A look at the current dynamics shows the market movement towards to 64 bit

notebooks and HP has already taken the lead in India and has announced its fist

dual core AMD Turion 64 based notebook. The HP Compaq nx6325 launched recently

packs a power configuration and offers various enterprise class features like

finger print authentication and enhanced virus protection. Going by various

technology blogs in the net, even PC makers like Dell are planning to launch

Turion 64X2 based notebooks by end of year. Dell is known for its Intel only

policy so far in their notebooks.

With this development, the notebooks market in the coming quarters will sport

predominantly Intel's Core 2 Duo at mid-end and one will see the escalation of

AMD Turion 64 dual core, which is available at a far cheaper price than

Intel's Core 2 Duo. The buzz that's going on technology circles is that

Intel will ultimately slash its Core 2 Duo prices in a bid to slowdown AMDs

Turion 64 momentum. But in all, it's an extremely beneficial development from

an enterprise as well consumer point of view, as more powerful notebooks at an

affordable price will flood the markets soon.

Shrikanth G