Laptop Special: Packing The Punch

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With the constantly changing profile of notebook users, customers' demands

also change according to the needs. These demands include greater security,

better connectivity on the move, extended battery life. Today, accessories form

a very important part of the notebook portfolio while adding value along with

increasing mobility and connectivity. The accessories make the desktop

environment convenient and also maintain the mobility and flexibility of a



Vendors offer a wide range of notebook accessories that can help in

addressing a variety of business requirements. These accessories boost

performance, increase productivity, add functionality and deliver more value to

create truly customized solutions that fit the bill perfectly. These features

emphasize on ease of use in functionality and design and commonality across,

almost the entire range. The user benefits in simplified purchases and

deployment reduced spare parts inventory, fewer options to support, thereby,

lowering the total cost of ownership.

Some of the notebook accessories available in the market today are:

Extended battery life: Imagine

you are traveling to another city for business meetings and at the end of the

day you find that the battery of your notebook is dying. With a last urgent

e-mail remaining to be sent don't you wish you had little bit of battery left

to finish the job? And invariably you have long hours to spend at airport

waiting for your flight. One likes to utilize that time to wrap some work. Well!

laptop makers understand your personal business needs and thus offer extended

and high capacity batteries that can double and triple battery life

respectively. This will greatly benefit business professionals who tend to

travel long distances and wish to be connected while they are on the move. This

helps the user get all-day computing, with the notebook getting charged when



Power options: Just think how

wonderful it would be if you could charge your notebook even while you are

traveling so that work never stops due to such silly technical hitches. The AC,

auto and air combo adapters available today let you charge the notebook when in

the automobile or anywhere there is a power outlet. These can also allow the

notebook to be powered while traveling through air. You can also have an

additional AC power adapter for your home so that you don't need to worry

about carrying the office adapter everyday for your home use and then back to

office. With this you can have power, wherever you go be it office, home, or

while traveling.

Docking accessories: This gives

the freedom of working at the desk with minimal cables. A lot of time we tend to

strain our eyes and trying adjusting the monitor display that suits us. Vendors

now offer a complete suite of docking accessories. All this in an easy-to-use

design and commonality across the notebook range makes buying all the more easy.

The notebook adjustable stands conveniently elevate the notebook screen to a

comfortable eye-level, thus eliminating the need for an external monitor. The

docking station connected on the notebook stand gives freedom of working desk

with minimal cables and easy viewing through the adjustable lever option. This

avoids unnecessary strain to your neck, back and eyes. 


The monitor stands provide optimum use of desktop space by allowing a docked

notebook to be stored under a CRT or flat panel monitor. This is, if you would

like to use an external TFT monitor with the notebook CPU.

The docking station and advanced docking stations provide total cable

management through comprehensive port replication thus avoiding clutter of

cables of various peripherals like mouse, keyboard, printer all merging to one

common hub ie docking station and the notebook simply docked on this docking


With new age locking mechanisms, one can now lock both the docking and the

notebook through a single unique cable lock, keeping the devices secure while

away from the desk.


The three-in-one NAS (network attached storage) docking station is also

available in the market and is an ideal solution for small business or workgroup

solution for notebook PC users. It gives a three-in-one solution of

dock-store-share. This NAS docking has an in-built HDD integrated, a network

attached storage (NAS) chipset that allows sharing of files and access data

remotely. Via the integrated two USB network ports, one can share everything in

a network (printers, scanners, additional HDD). The integrated backup and

recovery manager software allows for convenient automatic or manual system

backup to prevent data loss and reduce potential downtime.

Expandable memory: If one is

working on an important document and his notebook refuses to support him —

taking too long for the operations — expandable memory options can help him to

not only increase the memory, but also run operations more quickly. By

increasing memory capacity the notebook runs more quickly and efficiently,

improving its overall performance.

Storage and Optical devices: For

additional storage on notebook PCs, vendors offer different options to choose

from. The flexible MultiBay design provides access to several types of optical

and storage media, whereas, the External MultiBay allows the use of MultiBay

drives externally via notebook's USB. The MultiBay Module increases the

expandability of business notebooks with innovative, removable storage bays.


Security: Vendors also offer

optimum security through security physical cable lock and smart card reader for

user authentication.

Carrying Cases: Today, different

executives have different needs of notebook carry cases. There is a broad

portfolio of notebook carrying cases available. This ranges from rugged sports

backpack carrying cases, which give convenient carrying, distributing load

across both shoulders and enough padding to your back and the notebook inside to

leather case that adds style and durability to your computing experience.

So next time if you are the buyer, judge your product on these parameters and

then make a choice.

P Raghuraman

The author is country manager—Business Notebooks, Personal Systems Group,
Hewlett-Packard, India