Lack of Employment Prospects in Canada Raises Alarming Conditions for Indian Students

While Canada is known for its inclusive policies and robust education system, the job market can be competitive amid economic challenges

Preeti Anand
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Job Openings in Canada

Indian students in Canada have been raising concerns on the shortage of work possibilities. According to data, 226,450 Indian students arrived in Canada in 2022 to pursue higher education, making India the most significant source country of new international students entering the North American country last year. According to the worldwide education search platform Erudera, the overall number of international students in Canada at all education levels, including higher education, is 807,750. Last year, 551,405 people were granted study permits in Canada.


India will have the most study permit holders in Canada

The high expense of living in and around Toronto and other Canadian cities is also affecting students, who are forced to live in cramped quarters to save money on rent and other necessities. According to ICEF Monitor, a worldwide education industry market intelligence resource, there will be 320,000 Indian students with active study permits at the end of December 2022, a 47 percent increase from the previous year.

The Indian pupils described their hardships as similar to being caught between a rock and a hard place

Students discussed the difficulties their family and parents in India had to overcome to transfer them abroad for further education. However, many are currently concerned about the lack of job opportunities after graduation. While Canada is known for its inclusive policies and robust education system, the job market can be competitive, particularly amid global economic challenges. 

These concerns are natural, and it's essential to address them proactively. Indian students in Canada are leveraging their skills, networking, and exploring various job search strategies to overcome these challenges. They seek internships, co-op programs, and part-time opportunities to gain experience. Additionally, they are tapping into university career services and mentorship programs to enhance their job prospects. While the road ahead may be challenging, Indian students in Canada are resilient and determined to find meaningful career opportunities in their adopted homes.