Kratikal launches Security Attack Simulator and Awareness Product ThreatCop

Kratikal, an exclusive end to end cyber security firm providing customized security auditing services and compliance management has launched ThreatCop, an AI and ML based game changing simulation product for employee risk assessment & cyber awareness. It provides organizations with a real time threat analysis report of the employees, providing a platform for deploying simulated cyber attacks (attack vectors like phishing, smishing, ransomware etc.) in an incognito environment. It also does employee awareness against each attack vectors.

The product is recognized as one of the “Most Innovative Product of the Year 2017” by DSCI-NASSCOM.

A global survey across 12 countries reported that, human errors, apart from all the potential vulnerabilities, is playing a bigger role when it comes to business security breaches. Also, according to Kaspersky, almost 90% of the of all cyber incidents are caused by human error or behavior. The average cost of a data breach was a staggering $3.62 million in 2017. Be it a large or medium sized enterprise, employee negligence is always a major concern when it comes to having a hygienic cyber environment. According to Verizon, 95% of advanced and targeted attacks involved spear-phishing scams, with emails containing malicious attachments, responsible for the downloading of the malware onto the user’s device.

Also, regulatory body like RBI’s IT framework for the NBFC sector, under Section – A (3.12) of Information and Cyber Security, highlights the importance of human link and the necessity to aware,  as – “ Human link is the weakest link in the Information security chain. Hence, there is a vital need for an initial and ongoing training and information security awareness programme.”

Are we still unaware of the risk regarding human negligence?

The most important element for an agile security management is to consider humans as the weakest as well as the most vital aspect for a security strategy of an organization. It’s not that there’s a malicious attacker outside who is conspiring with a malicious insider, it’s that there’s a malicious outsider who has figured out all the possible ways to take advantage of the employee errors. Though many organizations run security campaigns among their workforce, but they also need to measure the risk level at an individual and organization level as well.

Here, ThreatCop comes to the rescue as it not only enables the organizations to run attack simulations, but also provides the overall vulnerability analysis of all the employees and departments. The Employee Vulnerability Score generated by ThreatCop will be one of its kind to rate people on the basis of their security behavior. With a customized dashboard for CXOs, the Hack Record feature of the product shows the historical hack record of the employees. This significantly helps the organizations to stay updated with a clear matrix regarding the most vulnerable employee, the department as well as the most effective attack vectors.

Pavan Kushwaha, CEO of Kratikal firmly puts, “Employees have always been the first target of hackers for more than 90% of cyber attacks. To fight proactively and protect organizations from being hacked we must empower our people with a regular awareness and simulation. By far, CISOs say that investment on employees is the best ROI even for cyber security.”


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