KPMG in India and OutSystems partner to offer low-code digital solutions to customers

The collaboration between KPMG in India and OutSystems will provide clients and customers with several benefits

New Update

KPMG in India and OutSystems have collaborated to deliver low-code digital solutions to customers, enabling implementation throughout their entire user base. This strategic partnership aims to empower clients and customers by offering them the capability to develop and deploy low-code digital solutions quickly and efficiently, leveraging the expertise of both organizations.


To develop expertise and capabilities, KPMG in India has established a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) focused on building proficiency in OutSystems. This initiative will prioritize the efficient delivery of leading solutions using OutSystems, creating an ideal technological landscape for customers across multiple sectors.

The collaboration between KPMG in India and OutSystems will provide clients and customers with the following benefits:

  1. Development and deployment of complex cloud or on-premises enterprise applications.
  2. Integration with existing IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for ground-up development of enterprise applications.
  3. Rapid development of last-mile applications and interfaces to extend the capabilities of enterprise systems.
  4. Facilitation of the transition from a high-code ecosystem to a low-code environment, leading to incremental modernization of the enterprise's application landscape.

Vishnu Pillai, office managing partner in Kochi and partner of technology enablement-financial services at KPMG in India, emphasized the importance of enterprise transformation and instant innovation for business success. He expressed confidence that the partnership with OutSystems would enable KPMG in India to strategize and guide enterprises in their digital journeys, addressing application complexity efficiently.

Subrato Bandhu, regional vice president of OutSystems India, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, viewing it as an opportunity to demonstrate how a high-performance low-code platform can enhance business agility and foster innovation. Bandhu emphasized the ability to deliver customized end-to-end solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements, enabling success in an ever-evolving business landscape.