Konica Minolta launches e-bizVAULT Cloud DMS to achieve business efficiency

New Update

Konica Minolta recently launched ‘e-bizVAULT’, a cloud based web DMS (Document Management System) solution helps enterprises ease up their operations, featuring all the benefits a DMS without the need of any in house IT infrastructure.


e-bizVAULT ensures protection for an organisation against data loss, system failure as well as unapproved system access. Employees can also access the cloud based platform on a mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet) connected to the organisations network over the web, enhancing their productivity as well as gross output of the business.

With no requirement of in house servers, e-bizVAULT reduces the CAPEX requirement of SME’s significantly. It also eliminates their need to deploy large IT frameworks and business applications in their premises as well as hire skilled IT administrators.

Furthermore organisations that are distributed geographically with remote offices and limited WAN connectivity can leverage e-bizVAULT for smooth business operations across their scattered branches.


Salient Features of e-bizVAULT

e-bizVAULT offers an extremely refined and intuitive interface. A user can access all their business documents on the cloud based platform via a unified user friendly interface, accessible on the go, over a smart-phone or any other mobile device connected to the web. The solutions also offers many productivity enhancing features such as full text search, search by file parameters, keyword searches as well as an option of saving frequent searches as templates.

Users of e-bizVAULT are also furnished with the option of creating a document version along with a checkout feature to lock the confidential documents. Furthermore an organisation can control access to cabinets; offer permission to specific folders as well as moderate access to files to certain individuals.

Konica Minolta has also integrated the solution with their award winning bizhub MFPs for a direct scan-to-DMS experience that obviates operator intervention and costly PC operations for time consuming indexing operations. The solution also includes a personalisation feature enabling the users to create and access favourite documents easily. The benefits of deploying e-bizVAULT for an enterprise doesn’t just end here as it also offers the ability to generate dynamic reports as well as administer rights to report creation.

Konica Minolta has added e-bizVAULT Cloud DMS to its portfolio of cloud services in India that has a Web-2-Print Solution for Commercial Printers and educo ERP for educational institutions. Konica Minolta is also looking forward for a multi fold growth in commercial and industrial printing products in the coming years.

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