Konica Minolta launches cloud-based education ERP

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Konica Minolta, renowned for its world-leading technology, for integrating and expanding imaging needs from input to output, an unbending awareness to the basics of manufacturing and high compatibility with the latest cloud computing infrastructure, complemented by the best-in-class customer-oriented services and support, promises to empower education by launching educo ERP.


Educo ERP is a user-friendly ERP solution platform, designed specifically to be used conveniently in schools, colleges, institutes, universities and training centres. Educo ERP provides access to information anywhere anytime on any device to administrators, teachers, students and parents. Educo ERP supports multiple languages for its user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone easily.

In the progressive field of Education, educo ERP promises to bring a refreshing change and set high standards to empower the educational institutions in becoming a speedy, user-friendly hub for delivering humane education efficiently.

Educo ERP is affordable to cater to the requirements of any institution of any size any structure be it Schools, Colleges, Universities, Online, Schools, Group of Institutions Preschools and government institutions.


Yuji Nakata, MD of Konica Minolta India says, “Konica Minolta is in the process of transforming itself from a manufacturing company to a Customer Process Centric company.  We are constantly looking at opportunities to add value to the core processes of our customers.  We are celebrating this year as “The Year of Synergy” where we want to harness all our capabilities to deliver new value to our customers. Educo ERP is an ideal fit for creating new value.”

He adds, “Educo ERP will help in the process of Digital  India through its cutting edge technology. Educo ERP will enable institutions in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities at minimal cost and simple requirements of internet connection and a browser.  Educo ERP has been conceptualised and developed in India and will address all core processes of the education boards in India.  The need of private and public sector engaged in delivering education has been covered.”

Features of educo ERP:

  • Smart, Secure and Scalable via Cloud
  • Lower TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Enables effective communication in an Institution, both internally        and externally
  •  Integrates all departments of an institution for better organization
  • Best in class user-friendly design
  • High performance delivered
  • Different logins for effective user access control
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • On-site or Cloud Hosting as required by the client
  • High-level custom user rights management
  • Customizable as per client needs
  • Start using with just a browser and internet connection.
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