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Kodak Alaris Registers 13% Growth in India

Driven by huge demand and growing need for digital transformation, Kodak Alaris got hold of the various possibilities owing to government initiatives like the Digital India program

Vivek Naidu, VP, Information Management Kodak Alaris India

Vivek Naidu, VP, Information Management Kodak Alaris India

In the exciting and growing Indian IT space, Kodak Alaris Information Management left its mark in 2016, and redefined the approach companies took to achieve digital transformation. Its revenue growth of above 13% is a proof point of its success in the Indian market.

The Information Management (IM) division of Kodak Alaris performed well in a fast-paced, emerging Indian market. As the government implemented its mega digitization project, Kodak Alaris participated in the Digital India mission by harnessing the immense potential in the Information Management space in this market, working closely with the government in crucial sectors such as eCourts, registration and stamps, and edistricts. The digital transformation being adopted within public and private institutions presented a huge opportunity. In this arena, Kodak Alaris led a mega digitization project for India’s largest public sector bank, and for the majority of the new payment banks set up last year. Milestones such as these have helped the company build a valued reputation in the country. The company also maintained its dominant market share in the BFSI sector, and partnered with the Indian Government to digitize land records across various states.

From a sector-focused standpoint, the healthcare vertical remained a strong growth pillar for the company. Kodak Alaris forged several notable partnerships with leading hospitals to ensure proper management of healthcare and patient records. The firm collaborated with renowned diagnostic firms to bolster the efficacy of digitization in the healthcare sector and provided digitization support for leading and trusted pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Kodak Alaris possesses a network of expert, trusted partners and on this front, the company continued to retain its focus on strengthening its existing partnerships, while laying the groundwork for expanding its foot print. Additionally, the company successfully completed the India segment of the Kodak Alaris Information Management Partnership Yatra 2016, with a view to grow and expand its re-seller and distributor network in the country.

With the rise in digital communications dramatically changing the way business is conducted across virtually every industry, Kodak Alaris provided intelligent solutions to extract valuable information from unstructured data, thereby creating a unique value proposition for businesses. Its initial endeavour was to demonstrate how organizations can “Turn Data Chaos into Business Opportunity” by taking the complexity out of information capture. Digital transformation starts with harnessing critical data and turning it into information that can drive business processes and actions, leading to better business outcomes across organizations.

Toward the end of the year, the company began setting the stage for the launch of its new portfolio of offerings, presenting the industry with a more comprehensive information capture approach. The launch of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, in April 2017, introduced new integrated scanners, software and services delivered by a network of trusted “IN2 Ecosystem Partners” dedicated to building and delivering the best information capture solutions for businesses. This approach is grounded in proven imaging science and award-winning scanners and software that deliver the most accurate, efficient, document capture in the industry.

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