Knack Systems to Tap into AI-Powered Automation with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

New Update

SAP SE has announced that Knack Systems, a niche SAP consulting partner driving digital transformation across industries, will adopt SAP S/4HANA Cloud and leverage its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to boost their business. Knack Systems will be enabled to make data-driven decisions with predictive analytics by deploying the intelligent cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP), which is also embedded with the first ever true voice-activated digital assistant for enterprises – SAP Co-pilot.


Knack Systems, a fast-growing professional Services company in India with a global presence, is one of SAP’s global strategic partners and is aligned with SAP’s strategy for public cloud and on-premise software solutions. Its presence spans across various industry verticals including manufacturing, banking, technology, and more.

The company will be adopting S/4HANA Cloud to achieve growth through enhanced digital transformation, improve efficiency via automation, and redefine business processes all without the need for any investment in hardware hosting. This implementation uniquely positions Knack Systems as the first reference site in India that can demonstrate the value of a truly intelligent ERP Cloud solution – S/4HANA Cloud – to its customers.

“To prolong success in the current rapidly changing technology environment, it was necessary to take the next step beyond ‘just’ cloud,” said Sandeep Arora – COO, Knack Systems. “With the adoption of S/4HANA Cloud, we will streamline the business for better efficiency using the next generation technologies of AI & ML. This will further strengthen our capabilities by integrating and managing all critical business processes into one powerful system, thus enabling us to deliver an enhanced experience to our clients.”

“Businesses of tomorrow will require the deepest and broadest intelligence to retain their competitive edge,” said Neeraj Athalye, Vice President – Innovation & Digital Business, SAP Indian Subcontinent. “S/4HANA Cloud, the world’s first hands-free ERP solution, will empower Knack Systems to run faster, operate smarter, and achieve industry & operational excellence. The solution will aid them with the necessary skill sets to stay several steps ahead of their competition and help realize greater profitability.”

S/4HANA Cloud is SAP’s intelligent cloud ERP software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution with built-in machine learning and AI capabilities that serves customers in various product-centric and service-centric industries to help them achieve instant value, cost savings and improved efficiencies.

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