KeyPoint Technologies’ launches Xploree in India market to transform smartphone experience

KeyPoint Technologies (KPT) announced the launch of ‘Xploree’. Xploree is industry’s first search and discovery platform that connects mobile users to the most relevant brands and services across search, messenger and other platforms without exiting the current conversation app. Leveraging KPT’s expertise in multi-lingual capabilities, Xploree which is now available in English for Android device users, will support nearly 140 languages (global and Indic) by December 2015.

Completing an entire cycle of innovation, Xploree has emerged as the only intelligent, user-initiated and hyper-contextual Search & Discovery platform in the mobile eco-system. It predicts user needs during chat conversations and guides them through their mobile journey across apps through relevant content, deals and services discovery.

“Mobile users today are looking for convenient, relevant and on the fly information while they are in between conversations and e-mails with their friends, family and at work. With expertise & experience to provide contextual search & brand discovery solutions to mobile eco-system players from the current one to 140 languages by end of 2015, we are best positioned to help businesses connect with their customers in real-time”, said Sumit Goswami, CEO – KeyPoint Technologies. “Built on our patent pending cross-app search and discovery platform, we are thrilled to launch Xploree that offers brands an opportunity to provide innovative content & deals to mobile users’ in a single hop without quitting their ongoing app conversations. Currently we are actively looking at India, South-East Asia and Middle East as our growth markets,” he added.

With Xploree, mobile phone users, without exiting the current conversation app, can instantly explore options for movies, fine dining, shopping etc. Brands through Xploree can connect with users in real-time to provide relevant services such as discount coupons, deals, one-hop search and add greater value to the conversation, thus taking consumer engagement from a contextual to a hyper-contextual realm.

Xploree Key Features:

  • Hyper-Contextual – Location, environment, current user intent, past actions and more – relevant parameters, always in context.
  • Immediacy – Information, services and product purchases in your mobile moment and time of need in real-time.
  • Simplicity – Mobile search made simple with one tap – easy to find exactly what you want.

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