Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi NCR to Dominate IT Staffing Market in 2018

Newer technologies like AI, Machine learning or blockchain will together boost the IT staffing industry creating new jobs

Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), an apex body of the flexi staffing industry, today organized the 4th IT Conference themed on ‘Thriving in Smart Transformation’. The conference brings together HR leaders and technology stalwarts to discuss the larger technological impact on the employment scenario in the rapidly transforming world. Newer technologies like AI, Machine learning or blockchain will together boost the IT staffing industry creating new jobs. According to ISF report on IT Staffing Industry Landscape, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi NCR are the top 3 states that dominate the IT Flexi Staffing Industry in India. Karnataka dominates the IT Flexi Staffing market standing at 1.05 billion dollars followed by Maharashtra at 0.48 billion dollars and Delhi NCR at 0.23 billion dollars.

With the rise of technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, Big data and machine learning, the demand is growing for new technology-based services. Mobility and cloud computing each standing at 63% are in maximum demand followed by cyber security at 53% and analytics at 51% – they comprise the top technology drivers across organizations for their proficient functioning. Big Data will drive growth in BFSI and Retail whereas IOT will drive growth in the Manufacturing sector.

While welcoming the attendees, Rituparna Chakraborty, President, Indian Staffing Federation, said “Organizations across sectors are increasingly opting for flexi staff due to their flexibility and deep expertise in niche technologies. About 58% of organizations has been hiring IT Flexi Staff for their niche skillsets. Perhaps, the IT Flexi Staffing Industry is expected to observe a paradigm shift in demand and revenue of Technology Domains. New Product Development is estimated to have the highest revenue and demand growth rate because of constant innovations and requirement of niche skillsets.”

Suchita Dutta, Executive Director, Indian Staffing Federation, said “This edition of the IT Conference will help understand the impact of newer technologies across sectors and how AI, cloud computing and Machine learning will redefine the world of IT in the near future. Considering these factors, The Indian IT Flexi staffing industry is projected at 5.3 billion dollars by 2021. As an enabler of the IT industry, Indian Staffing Federation and its members are contributing for a better mobilization of employment across the technology and trend cycle. We and our members have been providing just in time support on projects acting as the backbone in imparting skilled human resources and other essential issues of capacity building.”

According to Shivnath Ghosh, Country Head, Artech and Member, Indian Staffing Federation, “Companies like us always have to be adaptive to industry requirements, in terms of technology, skills, upscaling and downscaling environments. Quality and TAT are two most important factors for success in Staffing Industry, rest add flavours to fulfilment. Hire, Train and Deploy prepares resources as per customer specific needs, keeping client investment at the minimal. It is the need of time and the current trend and is expected to remain so for the future years too.”

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