Jugnoo Delivery supersedes self-set delivery target with 2000 orders/day

New Update

Identifying massive opportunity in the food tech segment, Jugnoo has begun to offer effective logistics support to SMEs and QSR bigwigs of the industry. Integrating its in-house route optimization software – FlightMap, Jugnoo Delivery has not only induced highly efficient operations for its associate partners, but has also surpassed its self-set target, from 500 orders per day to 2000 orders per day.


Following expensive market practices, companies shelled out huge incentives and bonuses to sustain their fleet and manage their day-to-day operations. Recognizing such futile market trends in the hyper-local logistics market, especially in the food tech segment, Jugnoo Delivery navigated the focus of its partners to route optimization. In lieu of investing in bonuses and incentives, Jugnoo Delivery rode on technology for efficient and cost - effective operations.

Elaborating on the matter, Zorawer Singh, Head, Jugnoo Delivery commented, “At Jugnoo Delivery, our focus has always been on creating a scalable on-demand hyper-local marketplace logistics model, while ensuring positive unit economics from day one. We have a model which can adapt to different markets, be it Tier 1, Tier 2, or even Tier 3 cities. Additionally, since Jugnoo is primarily a tech company, our enhanced tech and product offerings, along with our operational efficiency creates a great value proposition for local businesses. Most logistics businesses these days are focussing largely on either business model or customer support or on number of transactions. However, Jugnoo delivery follows a balanced approach by paying equal attention to all these three factors that collectively enable a business to scale up. “

Its log of food tech associates enlists renowned brands like Foodpanda, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Baskin Robbins etc. However, moving ahead, Jugnoo Delivery has also forayed into other small and medium sized businesses like Pick My Laundry, Ferns N Petals, chemists, stationery shops, gift shops, tiffin services, etc., apart from the food space.

Furthermore, presently operational in all major cities in the country, Jugnoo Delivery will soon add to its geographical reach, as it further enhances its per day orders in an array of verticals.

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