John McAfee deported to US

Guatemalan immigration officials denied asylum to fugitive on the run-John McAfee and deported him to US (country of his origin) late last night (IST). McAfee landed in Miami and was escorted to a hotel, reports say. John McAfee has been on the run for over a month now, dodging law enforcement officials in Belize who had named him as a ‘person of interest’ in the murder of his Belizean neighbor Gregory Faull. However McAfee had accused Belizean police of fixing him wrongly in the murder case, because he refused to cough up $2mnn in bribes to the government.

It is unclear now what will happen to the charges pressed by the Belizean government and the chances of McAfee being extradited back to Belize remains dim as he has been named only as ‘a person of interest’ and not a ‘prime suspect’ or ‘a warrant’ issued on him. Only in those instances a person can be extradited.

There are many questions that remain unanswered at this point in time and what will happen to McAfee’s assets in Belize and who killed Gregory Faull still remains a mystery. However McAfee has claimed his innocence till now. In the case of Belizean government pressing false charges on him, it might poorly reflect on its governance and it might have an impact on its overall economy as Belize is one of the hot tourist destinations for some North Americans in search of exotic vacations. Also it is seen as a tax haven for the rich to park their funds.

Cleary John McAfee could not have asked for more, he had come back to US despite breaking the law in two countries and many believe that US might have used its diplomatic muscle to bail out McAfee from troubled waters. However, until unless the Belizean authorities drop all charges pressed against McAfee, the case is far from over.

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