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JioFiber Set-top Box Could be Available by December, Separate DTH Connection May Not be Needed

JioFiber set-top box and other devices promised with Jio Forever Annual Plans may be provided to existing customers and new customers by December 2019

JioFiber set-top box and live television services for new and existing customers may begin by December 2019 onwards. Furthermore, all the JioFiber plans and offers such as Free 4K television sets as well as other devices being provided along with Jio Forever Annual Plans may also come into play around the same time. Although there is no official word from Reliance Jio on this matter, user feedback seems to suggest the new development.

Existing and new users who are asking for the installation of JioFiber set-top box are apparently being told by JioFiber installation technicians that set-top boxes could be available by the end of the year. “At first they told us August they may start providing set-top box. Now they are telling us in December they may start giving the same. One technician also told us the plans we chose may start getting applied around Dhirubhai Ambani’s birthday,” said a user from Delhi to DataQuest who wishes to maintain anonymity. The same was confirmed by their neighbors who opted for the services as their society was chosen by Reliance Jio to install the fibre optic cables.

The same has been conveyed by a few users on social media as well. “I am from Alwar, Rajasthan and recently paid Rs 2500 for JioFiber connection. The person said to make connections in 2-4 days but only for internet and landline services. He said that the free 4kTV offer and set-top box can be availed only in December. Is it OK? Check (SIC),” questions a user Meena Gupta to JioCare on Twitter. The query has not elicited a response from Reliance Jio so far.

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“They are not clear about it, it may happen in a week or it may take few months. My sales representative said, they expect atleast before December, but still he is not sure,” says @iVenpu a blogger from Bengaluru. However, this development cannot be confirmed until Reliance Jio makes an official announcement.

JioFiber Set-top Box May Not Need Separate DTH Connection

When JioFiber plans were announced by Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of the company, he stated that JioFiber customers would be able to enjoy television services through Jio’s partner multi-system operators (MSOs) and their affiliated local cable operators (LCOs). However, the latest development that has come to light seems to suggest that IPTV services may be availed by JioFiber customers wherein no Reliance Jio-partner LCOs or MSOs are available.

According to DreamDTH, the JioFiber IPTV STB without RF input has made its debut in the market based on a comment that was shared by one of their users on their forum. RF, which means radio frequency input, is a slot on set-top boxes that connects the television set to the cable box.

The set-top box seemingly appears to be that of Reliance Jio’s runs on Android 9.0 and comes pre-installed with several streaming apps. There is an RJ45 port for Ethernet wire to connect it to JioFiber Modem, and an HDMI port to connect the JioFiber Set-top Box to the television set. The JioFiber IPTV Set-top Box has been installed in Chennai according to the website and may be used to provide IPTV services for live television in areas where Reliance Jio does not have MSO and LCO partners.

14 responses to “JioFiber Set-top Box Could be Available by December, Separate DTH Connection May Not be Needed”

  1. Manju says:

    I am surprised by Jio’s unprofessional maneuvering. They sold me a preview offer in Jaipur 12 days ago and later came up at my place saying plans have now been launched but you need to take a new connection. They made me deactivate the preview offer connection, gave me a new connection with a similar single band router and a 4K set top box and a gold plan. They made me purchase a third party dual band router for 250mbps speed because native Jio router can only support 50 mbps. Now, the 4K set top box doesn’t support beyond full HD on my state of the art ultra 4K TV which is really bad. Besides, the 4K set top box only has 5 apps: Jio TV + app with only Jio Cinema stuff, a separate Jio cinema app with exactly same content as that of Jio TV + app, a Hotstar with only VIP membership, a Sony LIV app with some live channels, most of which are already free on YouTube, a YouTube app and Voot app with no live content.

    There are no worthwhile channels and Jio set top box appears absolutely dumb compared to far far superior Amazon 4K fire stick. Instead of free preview offer, I now have to dish out 1600 rupees every month for a useless 4K set top box provided by Jio and purchase a 3rd part dual band router. Shameless! No one is taking my complaint seriously at Jio Customer Care. Never expected such malpractices from Mukesh Ambani Ji. The entire sales team ought to be sacked.

  2. Manju says:

    My complaint request number is SR00000Z7OBU in case any sincere Jio official gets to read this.

  3. Ankur Aggarwal says:

    That’s really a bad malpractice.. Such kind of thing are not expected from JIO. Ppl in JIO should take this seriously else whatever brand image Mr. Mukesh Ambani has build their team will will bring it to dirt. I suggest you should tweet this matter to Me. Mukesh Ambani. For sure an action will be taken

  4. BIPLAB BASU says:

    We have given permission to Jio Fibre to lay the network about 3 months back and signed a contract with them, but no response so far.
    We are quite flabbergasted with their attitude. Other Societies have similar experience. Hope they will quickly Act and start work.
    Biplab Basu – Siddhachal Phase II Thane, Maharashtra

  5. BIPLAB BASU says:

    We have given permission to Jio Fibre to lay the network about 3 months back and signed a contract with them, but no response so far.
    We are quite flabbergasted with their attitude. Other Societies have similar experience. Hope they will quickly Act and start work.
    Its Society of more than 200 Members and all are interested in Jio network.
    Biplab Basu – Siddhachal Phase II Thane, Maharashtra

  6. DEV SINGH MALL says:

    I got my jio fiber installed in august 2019. Internet works fine but the land line never worked. The technician came but he could not fix it.He said the fault was from the origin. I already have a jio wifi and 3 jio phones with net service so unless I get the set top box for TV this connection is no use to me.

  7. Jay says:

    Yes it always a bogus offer from brothers, after collecting hell lot of money, they will show offer a carrot for public

  8. Srinivas Munagala says:

    Right now I am still enjoying the preview offer, the day they shift me to pay I will surrender as their data limit is very low compared to the competition like ACT.

  9. Dr Sachin Kasat says:

    The enginner damaged by dd free dish cable wiring by shirt circuiting and is still not repaired. I demanded refund of deposit and still no response. Even TRAI is hand i glove with ambani as inspite of complaint to them they hve not acted.

  10. J K says:

    Jio is fooling Public.
    They have announced jio data cable also for jio phone users but it’s already 2 years they have not provided yet .

    This set top box also they will prolong for many years

    They just want to sell fiber net you will not get set top box for another 2 to 3 years

  11. Raj kumar says:

    Reliance launch this product without any planning and readyness. Now customers are suffering. Reliance jio team who are installing giga fiber are unprofessional and untrained.

  12. Vikrant Tomar says:

    Now JIO mobile internet is not working properly where it was working, had seen in Delhi as well as in Aligarh. I have doubt that they provide good broadband connection. Before switching to Jio fibre net, check their connectivity.

  13. Salil Dixit says:

    I have got jio fiber broadband installed and they have given gold plan costing Rs 1502 per month ,the download speed is hardly 30 -35 mbps against the claimed 250 mbps …what a smart way to fool people !!

  14. Sajjan Kumar Goyal says:

    I got Jio fiber silver plan connection 0n 23-11-2019.
    The installation work very poorly done by untrained technician. The speed of wifi is only 30 to 40 mbps. Jio is fooling people by declaring 100 mbps speed.

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