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JioFiber Plans: What Consumers Will Get with the Cheapest Plan Available

Ever since the JioFiber plans were revealed earlier this month, consumers have been asking various questions about the same on social media

The JioFiber plans, more popularly known as Jio DTH or Jio GigaFiber, were unveiled on 5 September 2019. Nevertheless, consumers still seem to have some confusion regarding the same. Although Reliance Jio says that there is a plan for every household, some customers are of the view that the ‘JioFiber plans may be a ‘more expensive’ than what they initially expected.

However, consumers can note that the cheapest JioFiber plan is available at Rs 699, and there is an option wherein viewers can subscribe for the annual plan or Jio Forever plan as well. Let us now take a look at everything that comes along with the cheapest JioFiber plan.

What Consumers Will Get Along with the Bronze JioFiber Plan?

The Bronze JioFiber Plan comes at Rs 699 per month, along with which viewers will get the Jio Home Gateway worth Rs 5,000 as well as Jio 4k set top box worth Rs 6,400 (more commonly known as Jio DTH) along with the Welcome Offer. Customers are required to make a one-time payment, which includes security deposit and non-refundable installation of Rs 2,500 (1,500 + 1,000).

Viewers can experience high-speed internet of 100 MBPS for 30 days and data of 150GB. Post the FUP limit, consumers can still use unlimited data at 1MBPS. Free voice calls, video calls, home networking and zer latency gaming are included in the plan.

Norton device security for up to 5 devices worth Rs 999 will be provided at no extra cost. 3 months of Jio Cinema and Jio Saavn will be provided as well. If users opt for the Jio Forever Bronze plan worth Rs 8388 per year, users will also get a Muse 2 6W Bluetooth Speaker for free.

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  1. alam khan

    Pulled a sneaky one on Airtel and the other broadband providers i would say. Airtel reduced thier prices by alot expecting cheaper plans by JIO. So I cant really say that Jio didnt have an affect. I am using airtel broadband for 3 years now. The plan which was 1500 now being offered at 700 taxes included and no FUP. People also should also remember that airtel was the one who introduced the indian market to FUP and when the consumers demanded that FUP be removed airtel straight away refused giving a lame excuse.Thanks Jio i guess though wont be switching anytime soon or at least till the time they have a FUP

  2. Manish Shrivastav

    Offers of jio fiber is not exiting as other ISP has already reduced their prices sill I will use jio fiber as Service of Jio is much better . Thanks jio for making market consumer friendly.

  3. venki

    If Airtel really cares about customers then it should have introduced broadband with reduced price earlier.

    But they afraid that Jio will take over their busoness and reduced price to retain their customer.

    Jio is sure winner for inndians..

  4. Maharaj Singh Negi

    महोदय इस बात की क्या गारंटी हैं jio gigafiber 100 mbp की स्पीड देगा , क्योंकि मैने जब jio phone लिया था तब भी बहुत वायदे किए गये थे लेकिन मिला कुछ नहीं उसके बाद मैने दूसरे आपरेटर से अपने नंबर को भी पोर्ट किया इस उम्मीद में कि अच्छा चलेगा लेकिन वह अनुभव भी गलत निकाला । कभी स्पीड 1mb आती है़ तो कभी एकदम बन्द हो जाती है़ । यदि आपकी कस्टमर केयर में बात करते है़ टतो जवाब मिलता है़ कि आपके इलाके में ज्यादा इस्तेमाल हो रहा है़ इसलिए स्पीड नहीं आ रही है़ । अब तो मेंरे पास एक ही आप्शन रह गया है़ कि किसी प्रकार तीन महीने निकाल लूं और उसके बाद पोर्ट करवा लूं । क्योंकि अभी तक भी यही हाल है़ आपका gigafiber लेने की मैं सपने में भी नहीं सोच सकता । ।

  5. Ramesh Bhatia

    Some mistake don’t you mean bronze is 8388 per year you have mentioned 8388 per month also you must add that this is plus GST at 18% so the real figure emerges

  6. Ankita

    I am using giga fibre since May and it was working fine but I don’t know why after the plan announcement it has stopped working altogether. They don’t have enough engineers to attend complaints. 😢😥😓

  7. Lokesh sharma

    Jio plans are no so attractive, Jio gives every time a great gift to Indians but this time Jio plans are not attractive, if we take the plan of 699 in which we get 100 GB and if we see the live TV on 100 Mbps speed this 100 GB is used in 4 to 5 days and after 100 GB the speed is reduce to 1 Mbps, but on this speed we can,t open any browser page. If we see the Live TV rest of the month than purchase extra Data.

    At present other service providers Like Airtel, ACT fiber and others service provider gives the better plans in comparison to Jio Fiber with no FUP limit.or gives the better data Data Limit.

    So Jio plz rethink on the plans and revise the plans accordingly other service providers.

  8. Maharaj Singh Negi

    मूझे तो लगता है़ कि यहां शिकायत लिखने से भी कोई फायदा नहीं है़ क्योंकि कोई सुनने वाला नहीं है़ । क्योंकि शायद इन्होंनें भी डाबर च्यवनप्राश वालों की तरह ad का ठेका अभिताभ बच्चन को दें दिया होगा फिर सेवा सुधारने की क्या जरूरत है़ । काम तो अपने आप ही मिल जाएगा । हम लोग तो बेवकूफ ही हैं ।

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