Jindal Steel: Steeling With IT

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Umesh Vashishta, Jindal Steel

For Jindal Steel & Power, IT is more than just software-it's a

strategic solution. IT within the company has already evolved from a support

function to a line function. With the steel industry struggling with diverse

problems, ranging from raw material to logistics to vast range of products to

address a wide spectrum of applications, the company is depending on IT to

re-design and innovate new processes.

Its operations are spread across a diverse range of products in steel and,

also, steel being a mix of continuous process and discrete manufacturing

industry, the issues right from raw material sourcing to global end-user

delivery, are fairly diverse. The need for seamless operations is taken care of

by the ERP system. The company relies upon the SAP ERP solution to smoothly

carry out its operations across its five locations.


The ERP system has automated many critical areas.The system addresses the

entire spectrum of issues right from operation and logistics to statutory.

Jindal Steel has implemented a B2B portal for its OEM customers. This extranet

is presently being used for applications like market intelligence and queries.

It allows the customers to place queries, request for the availability of a

particular material, ask for quotes as well as carry out preliminary

negotiations online. In the next phase of this initiative, the company will

enable online transactions. Its intranet application is a part of the entire

Jindal Group's intranet, hosting a lot of useful departmental information.



IT no longer a support function but a core function

- Using IT to transition from selling inventories to selling capacities


Migrate to Web-enabled apps

- Deployment of SCM and CRM

Jindal Steel's next agenda is to create an end-to-end info highway across

all the major manufacturing facilities for seamless flow of information, thus

reducing the overall costs and improving the base line of the organization. VPN

is being created across the steel network to increase operational transparency

and for smooth conduct of business. It also plans to migrate to web-enabled

application and wireless connectivity from the present hybrid VSAT-leased line

point-to-point connectivity.

On the applications front, the company will be soon rolling out an HR

solution for e-recruitment by the first half of 2005. Also on the roadmap is the

adoption of SCM and CRM systems, once the ERP is stabilized.