JEE Advanced 2020

JEE Advanced 2020 to be Conducted on 27 September, IIT Delhi to Provide Transport to Students through Eduride

IIT Delhi also states that 98 percent of the students taking JEE Advanced 2020 have been allotted the top three examination cities chosen by them

JEE Advanced 2020 is all set to be held on 27 September, and like IIT Delhi helped students during JEE Mains, transportation facility via the Eduride portal will be available for the JEE Advanced candidates as well. Eduride service, a dedicated portal, which was recently launched by IIT Alumni and students, aims at easing the burden of commuting for needy candidates especially from remote locations and poorly connected areas.

The Indian Institute of Delhi also informed that 97.94% have been allocated examination cities, which fall under the top three choices they had made during the registration. “Of the total 1,60,831 registered candidates only 991 candidates have been allocated centers out of the 08 choices. These candidates are the ones who have not deposited fee at the time of the registration and it is assumed, on the basis of the past data, that they won’t be appearing for the examination,” said IIT Delhi the organizing institute of JEE Advanced 2020.

Candidates have registered for JEE Advanced 2020 after qualifying the JEE Main examinations held earlier this month. Last year there were 164 cities and 600 examination centers. This year, the number of cities with examination centers has been increased to 222 and the number of examination centers to around 1000.

IIT Delhi also says that the examination cities have been allocated completely randomly, based on an advanced algorithm, to ensure efficient distribution. The algorithm, IIT Delhi says, is also capable of taking note of the fact that these are challenging times because of COVID-19 and physical distancing needs to be maintained at each center to ensure their safety

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