ITWCI’98: It Is Different

In the second installment of the countdown to the event, we
look at some elements that set the show apart.

The Comdex India event since the very beginning has been a
powerful platform for buyer/seller interaction, product launches and industry-wide
exposure. It is well-known for its comprehensive coverage of technology-from the desktop
to the internet-and for bringing together various products and services from different
platforms. As a Deloitte & Touche study indicates, integrating marketing tools into
exhibition activities has proven to be quite successful.

For any exhibitor, the most important factor in an
exhibition is the visibility of his products and company and the contacts he makes there.
Plus the business he will do post-exhibition. Average attraction efficiency increases by
integrating marketing components, and exhibitors who integrate the two see an increase in
the number of their target visitors.

This year at ITWCI’98, the presentation of the event is
segmented to focus on the following objectives: quality of the attendees, participation
from more foreign companies and increased channel attendance. There will be interactive
and educational sessions held at various demonstration areas and comprehensive workshops
and tutorials on different technology streams-with special industry focus on what is
important to India, today as well as tomorrow.


Channels: 21% of the audience-94% had purchase roles and 53% held
executive titles

OEM Buyers: 64% attendees interested in evaluating/purchasing computer

Corporate Buyers: 49% of the audience-42% represented large
organizations and 38% represented software development and publishing companies

Industry Influencers: 15% of the audience-more than 300 media,
including analysts and consultants.

More details are available at the ITWCI’98
web site:

The organizers are confident of attracting a much
larger number of visitors from different countries across the world. What’s more, many of
them are expected to enter into various business relationships, including setting up
subsidiaries, joint ventures and software development centers in India. For this ITWCI
will be a meeting ground for the foreign visitors to talk to Indian partners. They will
also benefit from the seminars involving government and trade bodies explaining the
fundamentals of doing business in India.

The audience of the show is divided into five
unique, unduplicated core buying segments: Channel, Corporate Buyers and Specifiers, OEM
Buyers, Developers and Industry Influencers including media, consultants and analysts.

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