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Launched in February 2006, Endemol India is the first Asian subsidiary of

Endemol NV. Since its launch, Endemol India has witnessed rapid growth in the

Indian market and has cemented its place in the Indian television industry

through formats like Big Brother, Fear Factor India, and produced local

blockbuster formats like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Mission Ustaad,

and The Great Indian Laughter Champions. The content created include scripted,

non-scripted and digital media. After the success of Bigg Boss Season 2,

COLORS entered the prime space with a bang with Bigg Boss Season-3, even

bigger with Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of Pop Philosopher. Bigg Boss

Season-3 had fourteen strangers locked in a house for approximately eighty-five

dayswith thirty-five cameras following their every move 24x7.


Flashback Mode

Big Boss Season-2 faced a host of problems. Highlighting the issues, Deepak

Dhar, MD, Endemol India explains, "The biggest challenge was bandwidth. As Bigg

Boss Season-2 was shot in Lonavala, connectivity was a big issue that we faced

while filming. Getting broadband for data and video communication is very

difficult at such a location. For a show like Bigg Boss that comprises a lot of

online web content, broadband link is of utmost importance. We got a specialized

link from an ISP installed at the location to overcome this challenge."

For a show like Bigg Boss that comprises

a lot of online web content, broadband link is of utmost importance
Deepak Dhar, MD, Endemol India

The second problem was of video footage storage. Talking more on this issue

Dhar says, "The amount of video data recorded every day requires massive amounts

of storage space. Storing high quality footage was the challenge for instant

retrieval. The other most important factor was data (video) security.

Specialized Apple storage was installed with capacities of almost 80TB so that

we could have footage of almost ten days at instant access on the edit server."


Talking of the other challenges, Dhar talks about prevention of illegal

copying of sensitive footage from the premises. Specialized biometric solutions,

hardware disabling, network monitoring for file copy, etc, were installed to

overcome this challenge.

A Step Ahead

Each season is an improvement over the previous one, Bigg Boss Season-3 was

a reflection of better storage, faster edit systems, precise structures which

enhanced the levels of the previous season. Emphasising on this statement Dhar

adds, "Endemol International developed  an upgraded version of META CREATOR

technology, which was deployed in Bigg Boss Season-3 reducing the edit time by

almost 30% by allowing low-resolution on the fly edit, before the final high

resolution lineup. Approximately twenty-four hours of recorded footage could be

easily edited in a span of eight hours and telecast for viewing the following


It was not smooth deploying these high tech IT solutions. "Heavy training

before going live was a challenge before this was implemented," says Dhar.

The network structure of the format in this season remains the same as

Season-2. According to Dhar, this enabled them to monitor the progress of the

telecast content at each level. This structure will evolve into better sections

in the later deployments, but the core structure would remain unchanged in the

next levels also.

Shilpa Shanbhag