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It’s raining clouds: How the cloud is empowering people and changing the business world

Cloud is secretly revolutionizing our lives and businesses. And I love every bit of it. From ordering food, scheduling health check-ups, and booking a cab ride to recording virtual meetings to help you process conversations better, the cloud prepares us for a future we could never have imagined. This technology gives consumers choice and allows businesses to build better versions of themselves. 

The best part about cloud adoption and modernization is not just improved scalability, automation, collaboration, and personalized experiences. It’s that it makes people part of the change – like a resourceful friend that can help you navigate new realities. In this blog, I explore three areas where the cloud is dramatically transforming the way we think and work.

A new generation of leaders and business models

Businesses that undergo digital transformation know how nerve-wracking it can be. It’s best to have robust strategies around processes and technologies to allow fast recoveries. You require substantial buy-in from a cohort of leaders who can quickly return to the drawing boards and use data as their compass.

Plus, as leaders expand their roles beyond traditional boundaries, they are brave and open to possibilities. The cloud lets you experiment without reinventing industry best practices. And the good news is you don’t have to break the bank to get started.

But how is the cloud changing businesses? Here’s an example. Think over-the-top platforms. Back in the day, some entertainment providers started small by renting out DVDs through the mail or kiosks. They soon realized that they were not in the content-delivery business but were experienced providers. This transformation made people think differently and required the support of technologies like the cloud to make the experience available anywhere, anytime. It changed their business model and an entirely new genre of the industry was born. 

With the cloud, you can gain a competitive edge. You can morph your products into unified platforms. And platforms can be packaged into services. The cost of ownership is low, and your business can thrive on delivering the next level of workload elasticity.

Continuous delivery and personalized experiences

With organizations hungrily moving to the cloud, the time to market is shrinking. A purpose-driven cloud strategy can help you blur the boundaries of global operations and delivery pipelines. Digitally mature businesses must focus on the last-mile connectivity that can shorten the journey from product idea to delivery. Thankfully, the cloud enables you to explore future roadmaps that deliver long-term value to your customers.

One of the true benefits of the cloud is uniformity of experience. You don’t have to bear the pain of a steep learning curve since you can easily replicate and personalize your digital environment no matter where you are. If you are a business user, you don’t have to worry about going through the hassle of reconfiguring your work setup. If you are a customer, you can rest assured that your app will not start behaving strangely, even in the middle of nowhere, provided you have a reliable network. In other words, the reusability of knowledge is high with cloud adoption.

A cohesive cloud ecosystem

Successful organizations have a shared vision – no one can deny the brilliance of strategic partnerships and what they can do to your business. However, you could be breaking a sweat with integration and interoperability. This is where you can unlock one of the exceptional values of a cohesive cloud ecosystem. 

Businesses that are born in the cloud have an advantage, but others can soon catch up with the right migration plan. As digital players mature, the rules governing them will change. If you have already started your cloud journey, it’s advisable to address obstacles early. You can partner with established players to leverage their advanced digital capabilities and deep industry expertise to streamline workflows. This collaboration will help you deliver the secure, intelligent solutions your customers have always wanted. 

From an idea to a viable option

Cloud is a journey, not a destination – you can quickly turn innovative ideas into best of breed solutions. Organizations will continue to adopt this technology as a fundamental way of existing in the ecosystem. At the core of this transformation, what will remain constant is how well people and businesses make use of cloud capabilities to understand processes and data operations that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and carbon-smart.   

The article has been written by Arvinder Pal Singh, CEO, Enquero-A Genpact Company

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