‘It is time for a paradigm shift to borderless security’

Borderless security is the next big thing in Enterprise security, and is due
to be launched in India soon. Chris Fedde, senior VP and GM, Enterprise Security
Division, SafeNet, was in town, spreading the good word about the product. In an
interview with Jasmine Kaur of Dataquest he talks about SafeNet’s enterprise
security offerings in India and its big-bang borderless security platform.

What is the assortment of security solutions on offer for Indian
We have two categories of customers. There are those who use fiber optics
and have high-speed requirements extending up to 10 GB. Our customers on this
end include the government and financial institutions. This is a very stable
customer base for us, and our third quarter of 2004 was especially robust
because of them. We are offering our other customers integrated security
solutions, so that while levels of security increases, the costs decrease and
the solutions are simple enough to be handled by them. Our new offering ‘Borderless
Security’ is a natural step in this direction.

How does the Borderless Security Platform differentiate itself from
previous offerings?

Chris Fedde

It is a new approach to Information security that tightly integrates
authentication, authorization and confidentiality in today’s heterogeneous
computing environments. The platform is based on open standards, providing an
organization with the ability to deploy all or part of the solution, each of
which easily co-exists and complements existing technologies. This platform
marks a paradigm shift where all the backend technology pieces are woven

What are SafeNet’s other various projects and the different types of
client bases in India?

SafeNet’s pilot systems have been deployed at NIC, Defence and Reserve Bank of
India (RBI). The Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) project of the RBI was the
first major PKI initiative to fasten reconciliation and clearances among member
banks. Banks are linked to the RTGS system at the RBI, using a participant
interface (PI). All transactions flow in and out of the bank into the RTGS
system as encrypted and authenticated messages, using PI as the gateway. The
SafeNet backend security module keeps all private keys secured, and has been in
place for the past one and a half years. We are working with the RBI on other
phases and projects.

What are the new security threats keeping security innovation on its feet?
Identity management is a key concern area. Databases are being hacked
leading to individual accounts being compromised. There can be no shortcuts in
protecting peoples’ information. SafeNet is in consultation for the national
ID card project, which is still in the nascent stages in India.

What is your business plan for India?
In India, we are developing more sales channel partners and trying to expand
the portfolio of system integrators. SafeNet is targeting verticals like
finance, healthcare, insurance, law and manufacturing in the country. The
Borderless Security platform is gaining more traction since its global launch
two months ago and it positions itself as a consolidated and scalable security
solution, available from a single vendor.

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