IT Also Makes Steel

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New Update

Tata Steel Processing & Distribution is one of the early adopters of new age

technology. It was in 1997 when the company had implemented SAP and leveraged on

its scalability and reliability. The company aligned its IT infrastructure along

with its business processes from the beginning and with time it has only matured

to give TSPDL better productivity and performance.


Solid as Steel

Starting with two, SAP now runs at five locations and has given an

integrated platform for all the processes running in TSPDL through six modules.

SAP is the core and only business application that runs and takes care of entire

business needs.

The company has also created a seamless and integrated network infrastructure

through WAN, VPN, point-to-point leased circuits and ISDN connectivity.

Importance of connectivity and integrity with suppliers and customers is managed

completely through the MPLS VPN service provided by Tata Communications. The

system ensures availability of higher uptime and is designed with 100%

redundancy to enable business continuity.

"The business that we are into demands a flexible and agile IT

infrastructure. Realizing the impact technology can have over business

performance, TSPDL is one of the pioneers to have established a scalable and

reliable IT system based on cutting edge technology," says Tushar Banerjea, CIO,

Tata Steel Processing & Distribution. "The order processing needed to be

executed seamlessly and efficiently since we sit in the middle of the value

chain (the supplier like Tata Steel and the customer like Tata Motors and its

vendors)," explains Banerjea.


Within the next one year, Escorts will be

ready to deploy a full-fledged CRM solution
Tushar Banerjea, CIO, Tata Steel Processing &


TSPDL has recently implemented an MRP (material resource planning)

application that compliments the deployment of MRP2 (manufacturing, resource

planning). The two commissioned applications provide an integrated view of how

the company carries out sales order processing, production planning &

scheduling, management of inventories and distribution. "The need for this

robust infrastructure was required since it has to support just-of-time mode of

operation," says Banerjea. "Naturally it called for a very efficient mechanism

of order processing, inventory management & procurement, operation &

distribution across seven manufacturing units spread across the country," he


For a Better Tomorrow

"Our entire IT establishment has been designed strategically around business

requirement. The internal IT team thus plays a very important and strategic role

to obtain better value for today and tomorrow rather than the role of a

techie," says Banerjea. TSPL has thus outsourced its managed IT infrastructure

to Wipro.

On the technical front, SAP runs on HP servers and Intel platform while the

storage runs on SAN and NAS platforms. A pseudo DR site has been developed in

Kolkata and a proper DR site has been planned in Chennai within a year. The data

center is based out of Kolkata. The company is also planning to deploy a BI

solution along with CRM to be completed within a year.

Piyali Guha