ISRO Offers Free Online Course on Machine Learning that Can Be Completed in Five Days

ISRO has invited applications for a free online course called Machine Learning to Deep Learning that can be completed in five days

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ISRO free online course

ISRO has invited applications from interested candidates for a free online course called “Machine learning to Deep Learning: A journey for remote sensing data classification”. The short course can be completed in five days, and participants will also receive a certificate. The course will be conducted through the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) as part of its outreach program. The program coordinator is Dr. Poonam S Tiwari who is from the IIRS DLP team.


The ISRO free online course will be conducted from 5 to 9 July in the evening from 4 to 5:30 PM. Participants can attend the course live via any web browser through the eclass portal of IIRS, Dehradun. The program is being sponsored by IIRS, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space, Government of India, Dehradun. As mentioned earlier, there is no course fee whatsoever for attending the ISRO free online course. Furthermore, participants will also receive ISRO certificate for attending the course.

Who Can Take Part in the ISRO Free Online Course on Machine Learning to Deep Learning?

The course is open to participants who have an understanding of basic concepts of remote sensing and geographic information system. It would, however, be most beneficial for professionals engaged in remote sensing data processing in different applications, where they are extracting a specific class of interest and further wants to learn fuzzy machine or deep learning concepts.


What the ISRO Free Online Course on Machine Learning to Deep Learning Will Cover

The course aims at educating participants on exploring machine learning or deep learning algorithms to extract specific class-level information from multi-sensor temporal remote sensing data sets. Some of the topics that will be covered under the course are as follows:

  • Remote sensing and its sensors of various resolutions.
  • Radiometry and geometric corrections and basic understanding of the image.
  • Basic classifier to machine learning: A Journey.
  • Methods in machine learning: Supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement.
  • Fuzzy-based machine learning with application in the temporal data processing.
  • Network-based learning algorithms: ANN to CNN or RNN.

How to Get ISRO Certificate for the Free Online Course?

Participants will be rewarded certificates based on attendance of 70% of sessions of the course live through the eclass portal. The participants who attend the course sessions through the IIRS YouTube channel will have to mark their attendance via offline sessions available after 24 hours.

How to Register for ISRO Free Online Course?


Interested participants will have to register on the official website, and details regarding the same will be issued soon says IIRS. Participants can attend either through the eclass portal or also attend the live workshop via the YouTube channel of IIRS. The content of the workshop will be available offline after 24 hours in the eclass portal. Those who wish to know more can go through the course brochure for further information.