ISRO Offers 5-Day Free Online Course on Remote Sensing With Certificate

ISRO free online course on remotes sensing called RS and GIS Applications in Atmospheric and Oceanic Hazards is being offered by IIRS

New Update
ISRO Free Online Course

ISRO has announced a free online course on remote sensing and geographical information system that can be completed in 5 days. Participants of the course who have 70 percent attendance will also be given certificate for attending the course. The course, called “RS and GIS Applications in Atmospheric and Oceanic Hazards”, aims at educating participants on the advantages and limitations of remote sensing observations in averting natural disasters.


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The course is being offered for free as it is sponsored by DMS Program, which are basically Capacity Building activities by the Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, Government of India. The official notification mentions that since there are a limited number of seats, participants will be admitted on a first come first serve basis. The course will begin on 27 February and end on 3 March 2023.

What the ISRO Free Online Course on Remote Sensing Will Cover?


The course basically aims at providing participants an understanding of the scientific concepts and an overview on approaches and pathways of atmospheric and oceanic hazards as well as on how to access, analyze, and utilise satellite remote sensing data for atmospheric and oceanic disasters. A list of topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Introduction to atmospheric and oceanic hazards.
  • Overview of earth observation satellites and sensors for atmospheric and oceanic hazards studies.
  • Applications of satellite data for the analysis of extreme rainfall events, extreme dust episodes.
  • Satellite data applications in tropical cyclone studies.
  • Overview of storm surge and tsunami.
  • Applications of satellite data in air quality assessment.

Who Can Take Part in the ISRO Free Online Course? 


The course would be suitable for all stakeholders that need to be aware of natural and man-made disasters and on utilising remote sensing and GIS data to avert them. The course has been designed for:

  • Central and state government officials.
  • Policy makers.
  • Professionals and specialists from universities, educational institutes, operational and research institutes.
  • Research scholars.

All course study materials like lecture slides, and video recorded lectures would be made available to participants through the e-class portal of IIRS. 

How to Register for the ISRO Free Online Course?

Interested and eligible participants will have to identify a coordinator from their institute who will be responsible for getting their university or organisation registered with IIRS as the nodal institute. Participants will then have to register online through the registration page by selecting their organisation as the nodal center. The ISRO free online course can then be taken by registered participants through the e-class platform of IIRS-ISRO using internet connectivity.