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ISRO is looking for Students for Young Scientist Programme, Registrations till April 3

ISRO started the ‘Young Scientist Programme’ or ‘YUva VIgyani KAryakram’ (YUVIKA) for school children to arouse their interest in space technology, space science and space applications

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had announced a new initiative aiming at school children called ‘Young Scientist Programme’ or ‘YUva VIgyani KAryakram’ (YUVIKA), last month. The Program aims at imparting basic knowledge on space technology, space science and space applications to young school goers with the intent of arousing their interest in the emerging areas of space activities.

ISRO, in a fresh notification on its social media handles, today announced the availability of a few seats for this programme. Interested students, who have just completed 9th standard (in the academic year 2018 to 2019) and waiting to join 10th standard (or have just joined 10th grade), can apply for the programme online from 25th of March 6:00 PM IST to 3rd April 6:00 PM IST.

The Young Scientist Programme will be conducted for a duration of two weeks across four centres of ISRO during the second half of May 2019, which is usually a holiday season for kids, and the schedule will include invited talks, experience sharing by the eminent scientists, facility and lab visits, exclusive sessions for discussions with experts, practical and feedback sessions, says ISRO on its website.

Also, 3 students from each State or Union Territory will be selected to participate in this programme covering CBSE, ICSE and State syllabus. The selection of the students would be based on their performance in the 8th Standard, which includes both academic and extracurricular activities.

The provisionally selected candidates will be requested to send the attested copies of the relevant certificates through e-mail. And the final selection list will be announced on 13 April 2019, after verifying the certificates provided by the students, says ISRO.

The selected candidates’ expenditure, which includes II AC fare by train for student and guardian or parent from the nearest railway station to the reporting centre and back, course material, lodging and boarding, will be borne by ISRO. Further to that, selected students will be accommodated in ISRO guest houses and hostels. Interested students can go get more information on the Young Scientist Programme (YUVIKA), and apply on the official ISRO website.


    • Shikha

      Indeed! After all today’s children are tomorrow’s scientists. It’s wonderful to see ISRO take this seriously

  1. G.ganesh

    After all today’so children tomorrow’s scientists. It’seems wonderful to see IS ISRO take this seriously.

  2. Varanasi usha

    Very nice idea taken by Isro. But in rural area schools co curricular activities are not conducted regularly. So weitage to that area is to be decreased for the sake of rural children.

    • SRI

      You are right madam. But if you read the notification it is given that rural students will be given preference for YUvIka

  3. Raja Kumar

    This is a good idea taken by IRSO to courage the creativity under the students. This give a opportunity to show their creative ideas and inovation.

  4. Rahul singh

    I have a theory of invisible ( how a person can be invisible)
    And I more theory machine run without fuel
    Plzz support anyone from Indian scientists
    Caught my theory and its convert in practical life

    • vaibhav

      brother , if you really can prove your point , you need not sit there. I am attaching my e-mail , get in touch
      ( )

    • Shikha

      Hi Shravan, pls click on the link given in the story. In that official ISRO web page there is a link at the bottom of the page where you can get your child registered

  5. Surakasi Kaushik

    We had got a great opportunity to show our tallenet thanks for giving us a great opportunity thanks for the I S R O

  6. Mohith

    This is a awesome idea that students will know about space research about rockets,rockets i will appreciate the this site devolopers

  7. Dr. M. Alam

    Excellent program which is need of the hour , initiated by ISRO to quench the thirst of future space scientists of our beloved country! Thanks ISRO


    We have got a great opportunity to show our talent Thankyou ISRO to given this opportunity for all of us. Iam thinking that this is all great opportunity to show our creative ideas and innovation and learning about space


    We have got a great opportunity to show our talent . And ISRO is waiting for smart student’s.Iam thinking that we will have a great experience by listening their Ideas


    we have got a great opportunity to show our talent. And ISRO is waiting for smart students.Iam thinking that we will have a great experience over there

  11. P.Sri Sumant

    This is the awesome idea that we show that what we are in science and Technology this is the wonderful opportunity for me to achieve my goals

  12. Venkata rama muni reddy

    I want to know about the experiments of rockets, satellites. Thanks to Isro for keeping this program.

    • Supriya R

      Unfortunately, no Apoorva. The notification clearly mentions that it is for kids who have just joined 10th or completed 9th

    • Supriya R

      Hi Prajwal. Only way to register is on official ISRO website. Don’t fall prey to calls or offers. IsRo will announce the list of selected students on 13th April. It is a two weeks program

  13. G. Santosh

    Today students are tomorrow scientist we are getting the great opportunity to show our tallenet thanks for giving us the great opportunity

    • Supriya R

      Hi Mohith. Only way to register is on official ISRO website. IsRo will announce the list of selected students on 13th April

  14. P.T.V.S Chandrasekhar

    High in the sky,
    With bright colors they fly,
    Saluting the one who made us proud,
    Not one, not two but 100 around…

  15. Ashishkumat

    Why only for 9th std students ? My child is a member of Vedhshaala, Ahmedabad from last 2 years and currently in std 11. He is an aspirant of Ph.d in astronomy and astrophysics.
    My request is to consider all the secondary and higher secondary students for this program.




    It is a great opportunity that give us ISRO I think this idea first show the students creativity and talents to ISRO thank you

  18. Gurugubelli santosh kumar 9th

    It is a golden oportunity from isro and we want to know how they will train us for 20 days

    • Supriya R

      Hi Santosh. We are just a technology news portal hosting the ISRO announcement. You will have to log on to the Official YUVika website of Isro and register to get selected. All the best

  19. v.saidatta

    isro gives us a great oppurtunity to prove our talent thank you to isro organisation TODAY’S CHILDRENS ARE TOMMOROW’S CITIZEN’S

    • Supriya R

      Hi Nikhil, at the bottom of the story a link has been given that is the ISRo Yuvika website. Pls go to that page and at the bottom there is a link for registration

  20. Akshaya Varnikaa G

    Great Move by ISRO! Wish I could also get a chance to be a part of this program(Fingers Crossed). Looking forward!!! Big Salute to respected personnel’s who have initiated this wonderful opportunity and exposure for younger generations. Hope the intake gets higher year by year ..Thank you, ISRO!

  21. M.shashank

    Waiting for this chance/ opportunity very nice idea to all the young students I hope to have some more ideas like this

  22. Dheeraj Velamuri

    Can I know if the time of Yuvika competition will be extended? And there was an another competition for class 10,11,12 students.Could you also tell me what is that?

    • Supriya R

      Hi Dheeraj, as far as I know today was the last day to apply for YUVIKA.. and there is no competition but ISRO Samwaad is being conducted for students

  23. Amit sagar

    The list of the provisionally selected candidates from each state will be announced on 06 April 2019. The provisionally selected candidates will be requested to send the attested copies of the relevant certificates through E-mail. After verifying the relevant certificates the final selection list will be published on 13 April 2019.

  24. Priya

    I’ve registered. But i didn’t get any provisional list from yuvika. I request yuvika to send me the provisional list to my email id.

  25. Pracheeti Varma

    This year what will be the dates .My child is in 11th this year ,can she apply or is it only for 10th appearing

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