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ISRO Invites Photos of Space from Viewers as Chandrayaan 2 Launch Nears

ISRO has constantly been engaging with viewers through videos and innovative posts on Twitter as Chandrayaan 2 launch nears

ISRO Chandrayaan 2 launch is all set to take place next week. GSLV MkIII M1 launch vehicle which will carry Chandrayaan 2 has been moved to the launch pad, and currently a full dress rehearsal is in progress. As the nations and scientists of the Indian Space Research Organisation hope for the best possible outcome from this mission, the official Twitter handle of ISRO has been engaging with the public in an innovative manner.

ISRO has been posting interactive posts and riveting videos to draw the nation’s attention towards the extremely critical Chandrayaan 2 mission. Earlier this week, the Indian Space Research Organisation had conducted a ‘Moon Essentials’ quiz wherein they had asked for 5 things viewers would take along with them if they were to travel to the moon. The best answers got featured on the official Indian Space Research Organisation Twitter handle which has 1.84 million followers that consist of highly noted organizations and personalities.

This week, the Indian Space Research Organisation has asked for photos’ that capture the beauty of celestial neighbours’. “As Chandrayaan 2 prepares to take the Indian flag to an uncharted part of space, we’re looking for photos that capture the beauty of our celestial neighbours. Remember to upload your photos with the hashtag Celestial Shutterbug and tag us to get featured today,” says a tweet from the official ISRO handle. The tweet has already received over 65 responses.


ISRO has also tweeted a video of S Somnath, director of the Vikram Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram, explain the capabilities of the MkIII M1 launch vehicle. All in all, it is evident that the organisation is keeping the public involved with this ISRO mission, and is slowly drumming up the excitement among Indian citizens.

The crucial mission has also been opened up for the public to witness live from the launch view gallery. As many as 5000 Indians will be watching the ISRO Chandrayaan 2 launch live from the Rocket Space Theme Park in Sriharikota. The online registrations for the same, however, have now been closed.

Where the ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Stands as of Now?

The dedicated page for Chandrayaan 2 mission on the ISRO website states that routing and termination of pyros, pressure sensors, Umbilical Connection Unit (UCU) separation connector cables end to end checks have been completed. Cryogenic stage (C25) on board elementary and liquid stage (L110) control system checks have been completed. Also, the shroud final assembly has been completed.


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