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ISRO Invites Free Registrations for Virtual Meet on Technological Trends in Capacity Building for Disaster Management Support

ISRO is accepting free registrations for a virtual meet on Technological Trends in Capacity Building for Disaster Management Support

ISRO, through its constituent unit Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS, is conducting a virtual meet on 16 March 2021. The topic of the meet is “Technological Trends in Capacity Building for Disaster Management Support”, and free registrations are currently underway for Government officials including autonomous bodies and public sector undertakings, university and college teachers, researchers, postgraduate students, professionals in NGOs and geospatial industry.

The programme will include percipient discussions, and talks from senior ISRO officials on their experiences on the emerging trends in capacity building with specific reference to disaster management using space technology, information available from space-based systems, requirements of stakeholder departments, and challenges and opportunities in the field.

What ISRO Aims at Achieving Through the Virtual Meet

For the country to stay up-to-date in the fields of remote sensing, geoinformatics and their applications, capacity building in imperative, which can be achieved only through constant dialogue with users and stakeholders. In order to achieve the same, the virtual meet is being organised by ISRO. The Virtual IIRS Academia Meet (VIAM) 2021 aims at achieving the following objectives, according to the brochure:

  • Synergise the earth observation and geospatial technology applications driven knowledge transfer among government institutions, academia and industry for disaster management.
  • Provide information on the emerging remote sensing technologies and their applications along with the role of IIRS in capacity building and research to ministries, stakeholder departments and the geospatial community.
  • Understand and explore new opportunities with user organisations in government, non-government and private sectors on the capacity building requirements.
  • Exploring placement opportunities for IIRS students and also invite interest for collaborative research with the geospatial industry based on the current and future requirements.

Interested participants may register on the IIRS website before 10 March 2021, and a maximum of 5000 participants will be allowed to register. Furthermore, those who are unable to register but wish to view the virtual event will be allowed to do so on the official website. Those who wish to know more about the virtual meet are advised to go through the event brochure in detail.

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