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ISRO Invites Applications for UNNATI Programme, Engineers and Science Students can Apply Online

The ISRO UNNATI programme is being conducted at the U.R. Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) at Bengaluru, and engineers and science students from various countries can apply

ISRO, India’s premier organisation in space science and technology, has invited applications for the second batch of UNNATI (UNispace Nanosatellite Assembly & Training by ISRO) programme. The Indian Space Research Organisation’s ambitious initiative to encourage participant countries to strengthen their capabilities in assembling, integrating and testing nano satellites is one of the UNISPACE+50 initiatives.

While the first batch of UNNATI benefitted 29 participants from 17 countries like Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Algeria, Argentina, Myanmar, Oman, Panama, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Mongolia, Morocco and Portugal, the second batch will begin on 15 October 2019. The First batch of the training programme was inaugurated by the Minister of State (Space) Dr. Jitendra Singh on 17 January 2019 and was concluded on 15 March 2019.

What is the ISRO UNNATI Programme?

As part of United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs’ (UNOOSA) efforts to offer developing countries a simplified and increased access to satellite technologies as part of the UNISPACE initiative, India suggested for conducting a capacity building programme on small satellites realisation through a combination of theoretical coursework and hands on training on Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT). UNOOSA welcomed this concept and proposed to work jointly with India to make this programme a deliverable for UNISPACE+50 conference, says ISRO in its website.

Being the ISRO’s lead centre for satellite building, URSC formulated the basic structure of UNNATI programme. UNNATI provides hands-on training to assemble, integrate and test a low cost, modular nano satellite, among other things. The programme also provides theoretical course on satellite technology. The duration of the programme will be for about two months.

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Who can Apply for the ISRO UNNATI Programme?

Engineering, Science graduates or Post graduates who want to explore and learn about space technology, design of circuits for various space systems and management of space systems can apply for the UNNATI programme. Each participating country is allowed to nominate a team of 2 members consisting of one Mechanical Engineer and one Electrical or Electronics Engineer. In case a desired engineering candidate is not available, the alternate nominee must have physics background, says the ISRO website.

The language of the course is English, hence interested candidates are required to have knowledge of the language. The course will be conducted for a total duration of eight weeks and a batch of thirty participants will be selected.

How to Apply for ISRO UNNATI Online?

Interested participants can apply for the UNNATI programme from 1 June 2019 onwards until 15 July 2019. The Final list of candidates will be announced on 15 August 2019 and the course will be conducted from 15 October 2019 to 15 December 2019.

Candidates can register online with their correct email address and name, and the list of countries eligible for the programme is available in the UNNATI online registration form. Interested candidates are adviced to go through the official ISRO website in detail for more information on the UNNATI programme before applying for the same.


  1. Ajay PC

    Why indians cant apply please accept us also even we want to learn please provide equal opportunity to all

  2. yaswanth

    Sir i am intrested sir. This will help me to develop my innovative skills. I am inspire awardee of 7th national level inspire manak. my project is coconut dehusking machine. I have an intrest to know about space. sir i also applied for yuvika. But i am not selected. So sor please give the chance to indians also sir.

    • Niti

      Hi, unfortunately this is not for Indian students. There are however various training and outreach programmes for Indians also by ISRo

    • Niti

      Hi, there are various training and outreach programmes for Indians that are conducted on a regular basis by ISRO in its centres like IIRS, NESac and others. You can check the website regularly for updates

  3. pooja hg

    Y only fr international students?? ,,

    do u think ,,,is Indians do not Hav knowledge abt it??

    Y ,,Indians are nt eligible fr this ??

    • Prasad Mande

      It’s not like that, for Indians there are already some centres to learn, and it’s time to give a chance for other countries to learn from India. This initiative is only for other countries, you can learn from IIRS, NESac and other centres.

  4. Subrata

    This is India no place for Indian students who interested more they just advertising and find better from other country

  5. William

    ISRO thinks there is no unemployment in India that’s why it is generating opportunities for foreigners only.

    • Aayush

      Hey.. this particular programme is only for foreign students. But ISRo has several outreach programmes for Indian students, for which they have tied up with so many colleges. Latest updates will be available when ISRo announces it

  6. Shruti Chakraborty

    Why is this opportunity not available for us Indians? Though Indigenous knowledge, yet unavailable to Indian students! What kind of discrimination is this?
    Please look into this matter and do the needful.

    • Supriya R

      Hi Moovalagan D,

      This is only for international students. However, there are various outreach programs that ISRO conducts for students in India. You can check them out.

  7. Pankaj Pathak

    Hello my indian brothers and sisters, please stop spreading negativity here by saying ISRO discriminating Indians and all. Who all are interested in such courses can apply to those which are welcoming Indian students. ISRO must have started this course to welcome brilliant students from outside India so that there will be great knowledge sharing from each other’s side and this will surely help us to grow in technology sector.

  8. Pooja vaid

    Plzz i am very interested to know about space and space related programmes .i have a very deep interest in universe and job related to this also .plzz how can i get the latest research programmes and research jobs …..tell rply me plz plz plz i m physics qualified student. …

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