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ISRO Invites Applications from Students and Professionals for Free Online Certificate Course on Geo-processing using Python

ISRO is offering a free online certificate course on Geo-processing using Python to students and professionals through its centre IIRS

ISRO has invited applications from students, researchers and professionals for a free online certificate course on Geo-processing using Python. The course is part of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s outreach programme, which will be conducted through its centre the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing. Upon successfully completing the course, and clearing an examination, participants will also be given a certificate from ISRO.

The course will be conducted online from 18 to 29 January 2021, and all that is required is good internet connectivity and a device. All course study materials like lecture slides, video recorded lectures, open source software and handouts of demonstrations, and so on will be accessible to students through the eclass platform of IIRS.

What the ISRO Free Online Certificate Course on Geo-processing using Python Will Cover?

The course aims at helping participants derive useful information and knowledge from geospatial data acquired through satellite imagery. Satellite imagery when combined with the power of geographic information system can play a pertinent role in supporting environmental management, disasters, global climate change, natural resources, wildlife, land cover and many other applications, says the notification. The following are the topics that will be covered over a period of 11 days:

  • Overview of GIS and different geospatial data types.
  • Overview to Python programming using.
  • Introduction anaconda and Jupyter notebook.
  • Raster data processing, resampling and analysis.
  • Vector data processing and analysis.
  • Geo-spatial data visualization on the web.
  • Familiarization to various open source geospatial data processing libraries.

After completion of the course, participants will be able to write a program in python to read, write and process different raster formats, vector formats, visualize geospatial data in form of maps, images, and so on.

Who can take the ISRO Online Certificate Course on Geo-processing using Python?

Although the course is free, the following participants may apply for the outreach programme:

  • Final year undergraduate or postgraduate students.
  • Technical or scientific staff of central or state government.
  • Faculty or researchers at from university or institutions.
  • Users receiving programmes under CEC-UGC or CIET networks can also participate.

Applications of participants have to be duly sponsored by university or institute and forwarded through coordinators from respective centres. Those who wish to know more about the ISRO free online certificate course on Geo-processing using Python are advised to go through the course brochure for more information.


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