ISRO Cyberspace Competition 2020: Syllabus for All the Competitions Announced

ISRO Cyberspace Competition 2020 in the form of painting, model making, essay and quiz competitions are being held online for students from classes 1 to 12

ISRO Cyberspace Competition 2020, an outreach programme by the Indian Space Research and Organisation, has caught the attention of several students across the country. While the online registrations for the competition are already underway, several inquisitive students were looking for more information on the initiative such as the syllabus for painting, model making, essay and quiz competitions.

“Can u please clarify what are the topics of the essay writing competition for class 9 to 10 and 11 to 12, respectively,” asks Pritika on DataQuest. “Good job. Please give a more detailed reply. I want to participate in the essay writing competition. I’m in 10th standard,” says Kanishka Mahesh Patil like several other interested participants. ISRO has now officially announced the competition and has also provided the syllabus for all the competitions.

“ISRO announces ICC2020, online competitions for School Students of our country which is aimed to tap their creativity, innovative ideas and harness their unbound imagination towards Space Science and Technology,” tweeted the official handle of the Indian Space Research and Organisation.

Syllabus for the ISRO Cyberspace Competition 2020

While the exact details such as date, topic and time of the competition will be announced later, interested students can take a look at the following syllabus for all the contests:

Drawing competition for classes one to three

  • Viewing earth from space
  • View of sky in clear night
  • View inside space station
  • Human landing on Mars
  • Space Habitat on Moon
  • Varying visible shapes of Moon

Model making or science craft competition for classes four to eight

  • Spacecraft
  • Space station
  • Rovers on moon
  • Rockets for exo-planet
  • Launchpad for rockets
  • Docking of Satellites
  • Societal benefit of space technology

Essay and quiz competitions for classes nine and ten, and eleven and twelve, respectively

  • The Infinite Universe
  • Stars and Galaxy
  • Solar Systems
  • Space Science and Technology
  • Rockets and Satellites
  • Basic Astronomy and Cosmology
  • Life in Other Planets
  • Asteroids and Comets
  • Human Space Flights
  • Space Tourism
  • Space Habitat – Future Outlook,
  • Colonies on Moon/Mars
  • Gravitation
  • Space Debris
  • Space-Applications for Common Mass
  • Indian Space Programme

Interested students are advised to go through the official website for more details and register for the competition before 24 June 2020:


  1. Tejashree

    Will the participants be allowed to choose the topic for drawing competition from the given list or will it be chosen by isro.

  2. nishchay

    Sir/Mam, from where we should do preparation for quiz ……Are there some specified books for this? And How it will be going to conduct ?

  3. Jumana Haseen K

    I wrote 10th board exam. But the result is not published yet. So to which category I belong? 9-10 or 11-12? Please let me know. Only after knowing this, I can apply.

  4. Jumana Haseen K

    I wrote 10th board exam. But the result is not published yet. So to which category I belong? 9-10 or 11-12? Please let me know. After knowing this only I can apply.

  5. Jeetandar N Silwani

    I am now class 10 th. When we should send the answers pdf to ISRO (ICC) . Can you please tell.
    Please do the needful

  6. Monika Saharan

    Sir , i am a +2 passed student …and interestd in this compitition …do u have any alternative for students like me..plz sir provide something for us too…ISRO is my dream home …i alwaz want be part of this organization and want to fo something valuable for my country…due to some reason i was desperate last year hence now i am pursuing agriculture …bt my interest alwaz attracts towards space research…plz sir give us a favour …🙏

  7. Abarna

    I need to join in essay writing competition . I wanna know whether topic on the spot or more topics will be given and we need to select by our own and write???

  8. Aditi

    Can you inform that are these topics confirm topics or these are just for reference and gathering information for essay???


    I now to satellite making mangal yan -2 drawing and format for mangal yan 2 i have make file for the i make the structure of mangal yan 2 bace of the Rover i rikvest for the mangal yan 2 😀😀😁😁☝👆☝👈👈👌👌👍👍👍

  10. Lavanya

    Sir Iam lavanya now 2nd year btech soo is there any alternative to participate in these events……. After reply only i can apply……….

  11. I am a student I want to now when is the last date for summit the project

    I want to now when we have to make the project

  12. Sonai dey

    What are tha topic’s for class9 ??
    We have to choose any topic or any single topic thar we have to write??
    What is tha time??
    When we have to sumit??

  13. Souvik Chatterjee

    I passed my 12 th board exam in 2018.Now I prepare for Jee 2020..
    can I elegible for ICC 2020.
    And maintion me the date of ICC.
    Give me a reply please.

  14. Mansi londhe

    I am studying in class 10th .I have been registered for the competition.please let me know the last date and platform for submission of essay.

  15. Taslim Tamboli

    i have registered today for making model. please let us know the procedure like when we will get all the information to complete model and how to submit it.– Mawiz

  16. Ranjini

    I have already registered for model making… No clarity in where to submit and how to submit…Can you please clarify

  17. Samriddhi

    When is the last date for submitting drawing competituon?can we choose anyone topic out of these given option?

  18. Richa Dhingra

    Plz let me know about the last date of drawing competition. We can choose one topic of given syllabus of drawing competition

  19. Richa Dhingra

    Plz let me know about the last date of drawing competition . Can we choose any one topic of given syllabus

  20. Shivam

    Is any one topic required from all the 7 topics for model making competition or all the 7 topics are required??????🤔🙄

  21. V.Srivarshini

    Hi sir,I have registered for the competition but missed to login and get my register number….how to get my register number now….

  22. Jyoti Juyal

    Hello sir
    Sir my registration activation was successful but I hadn’t done login so I didn’t get my registration number
    So sir I’ll be highly obliged if you access me with my registration number
    Thank you

  23. Archita

    Hello ,
    I have misplaced my registration number. Kindly help me in getting my registration number. Without it i can’t participate in essay competition

  24. Arti

    We couldn’t send the topic as the time was too less . The time given for submission was between 11-4 . We got the mail around 1:45 . How can the participants take the competition amidst their online school hours ? They shd hv atleast kept 1 day for submission . Highly disappointed!

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