ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Likely to Take Place, Roadmap Presented to Space Commission

ISRO Chandrayaan 3 mission may most likely take place as the roadmap of lunar exploration missions has been presented to the Space Commission

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IIT Delhi

ISRO may actually go ahead with the Chandrayaan 3 mission as is being speculated in various media reports. A press release from the Press Information Bureau India has brought to light a new development pertaining to the ISRO Chandrayaan 3. The Indian Space Research Organisation has drawn out a roadmap of lunar exploration missions to master the technologies required, said the PIB India release.


The roadmap has been presented to the Space Commission , and based on the final analysis and recommendations of the expert committee, works on future lunar missions are progressing, added the statement. Earlier this month, a PTI report had stated that India may attempt another soft landing on the Moon by next year-end most likely in November 2020.

The report had also said that senior officials at ISRO were preparing a report on the proposed Chandrayaan 3, as well as the reasons for the Vikram Lander failing to soft-land on the moon. The report, PTI had said, was believed to have been submitted to the Space Commission.

Although more details on the same will be unveiled in the time to come, the latest development seems to indicate that the ISRO Chandrayaan 3 mission may most likely take place.

The Chandrayaan 2 mission, which was launched on 22 July 2019, did not go as planned when the Indian Space Research Organisation lost contact with the Vikram Lander minutes before its attempted soft-landing on the moon.

However, the Orbiter of the Chandrayaan 2 mission continues to orbit the moon and provide insightful information on the Moon. Chandrayaan 2 is conducting spectroscopic studies of the lunar surface and also detected of Argon-40 in the lunar exosphere.