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ISRO Announces Cyberspace Competition for School Students: Here are the Details

ISRO has announced that the organization will hold an online cyberspace competition (ICC 2020) for students from classes 1 to 12

ISRO, the space agency of the Government of India and with headquarters in Bengaluru, has announced the ISRO Cyberspace Competition 2020 for schools students. “In pace with enhancing the knowledge os school students on space science and technology, ISRO announced various competitions online through digital platform,” says the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Who can take part in the ISRO Cyberspace Competition 2020 (ICC 2020)

While more details will be made available by the organization, as of now the website says that school students from classes one to twelfth will be able to take part in the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Cyberspace Competition, which will be conducted online. The information available at present is as follows:

  • Drawing competition for classes one to three.
  • Model making or science craft competition for classes four to eight.
  • Essay writing competition for classes nine and ten.
  • Essay writing and quiz competition for classes eleven and twelve.

The official website says that further details of all the competitions will be made available shortly. Interested students are advised to visit the official website for more details on the ISRO Cyberspace Competition 2020.

The Indian Space Research Organisation conducts a number of outreach programmes for school students throughout the year. The ISRO Young Scientist Programme or YUVIKA 2020 is another such initiative. However, this year’s YUVIKA programme, which was supposed to be conducted in the month of May had to be postponed due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation in the country.


  1. Avishi Jaswal

    I would be very crazy about space study and innovation done in all space projects in my country

  2. Nithya

    I’m very happy and exited after listening this news
    This was the time to prove my talent and take a part in this competition thanks a lot to whom uploaded in chrome and this was a good opportunity to prove them

  3. Manasa malagi

    I was happy after reading this news because I feel that studies only is not important, but doing such crazy things which will give u a lifetime memory which is also related to studies is good

  4. Kanishka Mahesh Patil

    Good job

    Pl. Give more detailed reply
    I want to participate in essay writing competition.
    I’m in 10th std .

  5. Khansa Wafa

    I also have seen a vision to serve my country and now I have got a boon from this website m.I can complete my dream now

  6. Sujoy Chatterjee

    I am very after seeing this and I also want to participate in this competition. I am in class 11 and when is the competition??

  7. Harsha sumanchandra

    I am really happy to know about this initiative being taken to motivate children through this hard time it’s sure a good opportunity for kids keep up their creativity on stake and work for it.

  8. Reshma Sri

    I am excited to participate in this but how to apply for this I am studying 9th class. Essay and writing is on which topic

  9. Meenal Dilip Shendre

    I m very happy, interested and eagerly waiting for the competition.
    But please inform the official website and how to enroll our name?

  10. Meenal Dilip Shendre

    I m very happy and interested.
    Eagerly waiting for it.
    But please inform the official website and how to enroll our name?

  11. Rohan Asthana

    My son is in class 11. He want to participate in Essay writing competition. Please provide the details


    I have registered my name and everything but Birth date has gone completely wrong …. It’s 16/04/2004 but it has taken 16/01/2016 so please can you help me how to correct it..

  13. Hansika Prashant Kalgutkar

    I am in class 6 from Madhava Kripa School and I am interested in model making competation

  14. Hansika Prashant Kalgutkar

    I am in class 6 from Madhava Kripa School and I am interested in the Model Making Competition

  15. S. Shridhar

    S. Shridhar from 8th A sec . In AIM. MATRIC. HR. SEC. SCHOOL. My date of birth 26/09/2007 I am interesting in drawing. Thank you.

  16. Karthikeya kadimicherla

    I am excited to participate in this competition and win it. When I grow up, my aim is to launch a rocket from ISRO! I like ISRO n Rockets. I am studying 3rd standard.

  17. Bhuvana

    Hello iam from telangana and iam studying in 9th grade I want to participate in this contest please can u say me how to enter into that website please.

  18. Thanusree pasupulati

    Hello. I’m Thanusree
    I have registered mine account in this competition
    I’m very happy be a part of this competition .

  19. Thanusree

    Hi I’m Thanusree.
    I have registered mine account in this competition
    Please send the topic. I’m from 9th stander.


    i am not happy because i they have not explained can u explain breifly i have done my project but what to do after that one and si want explaination from the isro i am calling means it is coming that busy and i am sending the email means i amnot getting any explaination please i am requesing u that explain me breifly or please sir .

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