Is India Safe for IT?

DQI Bureau
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The prosperity index of India IT Inc is no doubt growing

steeply; but at the same time, the different stake holders of this growing IT

industry are increasingly plagued by a myriad of security concerns. With the

couple of incidents of rape and murder involving Bangalore BPO personnel still

fresh in mind, comes the shocking incident of the kidnapping of the three year

old son of Naresh Gupta, head of Adobe's India operations, just outside his

home in Noida. The sayings of ancient men of wisdom that more money begets more

trouble seem to perfectly apply to the Indian IT industry, albeit in a

convoluted fashion.


However, as laissez faire determines that it would not be

possible for the industry to go slow in its pursuits for money, it becomes

imperative to try and fill up the security lacunae. The kidnapping of Gupta's

son has indeed brought to the fore the issue of whether Indian cities are safe,

especially for IT industry personnel, who would easily account for a majority of

the growing Indian urban rich. While Bangalore's infamy has already been

highlighted, the gruesome killings by cabbies in Gurgaon, India's BPO hub, in

the last few months have raised the question of safety of Indian cities,

especially the sprawling NCR region.


Naresh Gupta has urged the media

not to hype up the incident saying it might endanger his son's life

In light of these nefarious activities, it would perhaps be not

out of place to delve deeper into the Noida kidnapping case. According to police

sources, Anant, son of Naresh Gupta, managing director, Adobe India was on his

way to school (he is a pre-nursery student of Lotus Valley, a Noida-based

school) when two youths on a motorcycle abducted him from outside his residence

in the posh Sector 15 in Noida, at around 8:50 am. Anant was waiting for his

school bus and the domestic help accompanying him was unable to prevent the

kidnapping. According to the police, the abductors were wearing helmets and had

hidden the number plate of the motorcycle by pasting stickers on it.


Gupta, who was in the US has subsequently returned to India and

is reported to have received ransom call for Rs 2 crore from the kidnappers.

However, till the time of going to press, the police are no closer to rescuing

the child or tracing the identities or whereabouts of the kidnappers. The Uttar

Pradesh Special Task Force, in conjunction with the Delhi Police and the local

police, are investigating the kidnapping. Police suspect the kidnappers may have

worked for the family earlier or were known to those working at the Gupta home.

This Noida incident coming in the wake of the arrests in Gurgaon,

where a number of gruesome murders were committed, even for petty sums, have

sent a shock wave through the IT and BPO industry. There is now a serious

question mark over the law and order scenario in the entire NCR. The head of a

Gurgaon-based BPO organization remarked, on the condition of anonymity,

"This could have a serious impact in terms of overseas companies coming to

India, since lawlessness in the capital gives a bad press, especially in the

foreign media."

However, another BPO head based in Noida, though condemning the

recent events and agreeing that the perpetrators should be suitably punished,

felt that there is no need to press the panic button immediately. "Talks

about this stalling foreign companies from coming to India are ridiculous, since

cities like Johannesburg, Manila or Shanghai that compete with Indian cities are

also prone to crimes. Even New York, LA or London are not really crime



The IT industry has in the past received threats from

terrorists, and this has seen IT companies and other establishments taking

increased security measures. That might seem to the best possible answer; the

government definitely needs to do its bit about the law and order situation, but

the industry needs to take care of itself in the long run.

Team DQ