Is ChatGPT to be Blamed for Indian Workers' Fear of Losing Jobs to Artificial Intelligence? 

A powerful artificial intelligence programme that is freely available and capable of writing sophisticated responses to prompts is ChatGPT

Preeti Anand
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Many people now think that artificial intelligence (AI) may be the most revolutionary technology for humans, thanks to the AI revolution. Additionally, the surge in generative AI has sparked much discussion concerning the long-term effects of this cutting-edge technology on various fields and pursuits.


Is unemployment on the rise due to artificial intelligence?

The main dangers posed by artificial intelligence are the dissemination of false information, invasions of personal privacy, and unemployment. The possibility that generative AI could displace tens of millions of jobs is the largest source of worry for governments worldwide.

Currently, 74% of Indian workers, according to a Microsoft survey, are concerned that AI may replace their jobs. The US tech behemoth has published its "Work Trend Index 2023" research. In 31 countries, the Microsoft Work Trend Index 2023 polls executives and employees from various businesses.


Microsoft Survey

  • The survey shows over 80% of Indian workers are willing to assign AI as much work as possible to reduce their workloads. The survey shows over 80% of workers would feel comfortable utilising AI for analytical, creative, and administrative jobs.
  • The Microsoft survey indicated that 100% of creative employees familiar with AI would feel at ease employing cutting-edge technology for the creative aspects of their jobs.
  • Interestingly, the Microsoft survey reveals that Indian managers mostly agree with the workforce on AI's potential to improve workplace efficiency.
  • Microsoft polled 31,000 people from 31 countries and various industries for this report. The company also examined LinkedIn's employment trends and trillions of signals from emails, meetings, and conversations across Microsoft 365.
  • According to a Microsoft analysis, all employees will soon need to develop new core abilities, including prompt engineering, daily.


OpenAI's ChatGPT is the main force behind artificial intelligence's rising popularity. A powerful artificial intelligence programme that is freely available and capable of writing sophisticated responses to prompts is OpenAI's wildly popular tool. ChatGPT debuted in November of the previous year.

New fundamental competencies like prompt engineering will be essential for all employees in their daily lives, not only AI professionals. Up to 90% of Indian leaders claim that the new abilities needed to prepare for the development of AI will be required of the workers they hire. According to the report, 78% of Indian workers claim they do not possess the necessary skills to complete their work.