iPhone 8 leaked images show phone from all angles

Debut to hit the market in this year’s September, iPhone 8 has already started making the rounds on social media websites to stir excitement in its huge fan base. Leaked images of iPhone 8 have surfaced on the internet making nothing less than a fuzz about its design. Scheduled to launch its 10th anniversary edition, Apple’s iPhone 8 has already attracted too many rumors. The biggest rumor rendered of all is that the phone might be called ‘iPhone X’ as it is being launched on the special occasion of 10th anniversary of the original iPhone.

From early prototype model to vertically-aligned dual-lens camera; a proximity sensor hidden under the display to a curved frame; a number of rumors have surfaced. Benjamin Geskin, a graphic designer, leaked almost all the possible schematics and specs of the yet to be unveiled iPhone 8 in a series of tweets in a matter of few days:

According to the week long leaks and some fresh schematics, the new stainless steel iPhone in black is visible in curvy frame in all its leaked images. It is believed to have Dual Camera with 3D face mapping, wireless earpiece, infrared & light sensor and a proximity sensor which is conveniently hidden under the display. The polished stainless steel sports a 2.5D glass with 5.8 OLED. The leaks also brag of having front speaker under the display as well with 4 small holes in the screen outside and wireless charger.

Although the images suggest that the leakers have left no stones unturned in revealing the hardware specs of the new iPhone, however, any information of the software is yet to be made. The users will definitely stay glued to their social media feeds to know more.

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