Our Investments in Building a Cloud Platform is Helping us Drive Differentiation in the Market: Crayon CEO

Crayon has an intelligent cloud platform, which manages the entire life cycle of customers cloud journey and this platform is agnostic to the cloud that customers wish to choose

In a conversation with Dataquest, Vikas Bhonsle, CEO – Crayon Software Experts India Pvt. Ltd., outlined Crayon’s role in assisting customers in their cloud journey. According to him, their Software and Cloud Analytics practice coupled with their investments in building a Cloud platform is playing an important role to mark Crayon’s footprint in the Indian market.

How does Crayon Software plan to steer forward among Indian businesses?

A. Let me start by stating some facts to build our credentials here. We are in the fifth year of our operations in India and are a born cloud company. Both globally and in India, 50% of our workforces globally are consultants, who advise customers and partners in reducing the complexity of their IT Infrastructure and in the process a) helping them digitally transform their business and b) optimize the cost on the cloud. We will essentially bring to life the same philosophy in India and create a niche for ourselves as pure play advisors in the digital transformation arena for our customers and partners. Our investments in what we call “THE INTELLIGENT CLOUD” will play a key role in this endeavor. The INTELLIGENT CLOUD is our indigenously built platform that manages the entire life cycle in the digital transformation journey for our customers and partners.

What are the key enterprise IT challenges which Crayon software is trying to address?

Crayon is a SAM first Cloud First Company. We have a robust Software and Cloud Analytics practice. We come across two kinds of scenarios in the market. The first is where we are helping customers in the cloud economics space. We use our extensive software licensing knowledge and optimization skills to help our customers evaluate and embark their journey to the cloud. Through our intelligent cloud platform, we manage our customers’ entire cloud journey right from on boarding, provisioning, managing and helping to drive consumption. We run Advisory workshops, create proof of concept, execute Actual Migrations, Optimization and then eventually also Cloud Manage everything through our services framework. Secondly, for customers who are already on the cloud, we optimize their digital IT spends by leveraging the expertise we have in cloud analytics. We have helped customers save significant amount of money by optimizing their Cloud infrastructures.

What sets Crayon software apart in enabling enterprises to embrace cloud-based technologies?

We have expertise across different hyper scale clouds. We have an intelligent cloud platform, which manages the entire life cycle of our customers cloud journey and this platform is agnostic to the cloud that our customers wish to choose.

Could you please elaborate on some of the innovative approaches which Crayon software has taken to optimize the client’s hybrid cloud journey?

I will cite two examples. We have set up something called as the ISV incubation center. We essentially work with ISVs across industries and help them evaluate, based on their technology, the most attractive option on the cloud.

Then we do the entire lift and shift from an on-premise environment or from any other cloud to the most ideal cloud option to host their solution. We help define the model (Eg SAAS) in which their solution will be delivered to the market. And finally, we help them got to market – be it by way of giving exposure to our global markets, access to our customers or simply cross pollinate with our robust partner ecosystem. Another unique proposition is that we are one of the very few people who have the expertise and capability to carry out GDPR assessments for our customers.

What sort of options do customers have if they want to move to a virtualized cloud platform?

Customers have the choice to setup their own Private Cloud or leverage on Azure, AWS or similar such offerings in the market.

Written By Ankit Parashar

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