Investing on Knowledge

Appraisal and training topped Syntels satisfaction charts. The companys HR head attributes it to the emphasis Syntel puts on goal sheets, making it online and available to employees, and effectively communicating the companys expectations and clearly spelling out employees contribution. Moreover, the company follows a monthly review process so that employees constantly keep a check on their performance and achievement.
The companys HR head says that it communicates the organizations vision to the employees. From the CEO to the agent level it has the Balanced Score Card (BSC) and hence task management at every level is transparent. Using BSC, Syntel has effectively aligned business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization and created a framework to monitor organization performance against strategic goals.
Since Syntel is a KPO, it calls for domain intensive work on the financial services space. Clearly training is a very important component and it does train its employees very aggressively. Every employee gets aggressive training and the company provides competency training across financial services vertical it operates on.
On the flip side, the employees gave low scores on compensation part. The company feels that as a relative term and says that they are not in the competitive game and what employees get out of Syntel is ample exposure to the financial services and they become domain experts in four to five years. The company believes the value creation it provides as a key takeaway. That does not mean we are a low paymaster, we have very well laid our rewards and recognition programs, says the HR head.
The company says that by providing good job content, the employees find working as a learning process and its KPO nature puts the job content at par with larger IT services companies in terms of nature of work. Its not the mundane BPO processes. The companys emphasis on training also acts as one retention factor.

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