We are leveraging interactive tech to transform learning: Solitaire

In alignment with Government of India's 'Make in India' campaign, which encourages local manufacturing and exports, Solitaire has embarked on a journey to manufacture interactive flat panels domestically.

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Dr. Ramya Chatterjee.

Solitaire is a leading brand of interactive flat panels and accessories. It is owned by Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd, a company with over 30 years of experience in IT, AV, OA and networking products. It aims to revolutionize in-classroom and remote learning, as well as enhance meeting room productivity. 


In alignment with Government of India's 'Make in India' campaign, which encourages local manufacturing and exports, Solitaire has embarked on a journey to manufacture interactive flat panels domestically. Its goal is not just to meet local demand, but also to establish itself as a global exporter, contributing to India's vision of becoming a design and manufacturing export hub, while fostering job creation and skill development.

Dr. Ramya Chatterjee, Chief of Solitaire Brand Business at Soitaire IFPD & UC Products, and CEO and Director of Prointek (manufacturing division of Supertron Electronics), tells us more. Excerpts from an interview: 

DQ: Elaborate on Solitaire's manufacturing excellence journey. How are you upholding quality and compliance standards?


Dr. Ramya Chatterjee: Solitaire, owned by Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd., is a pioneer in reshaping the landscape of information sharing and absorption within the technology product space. We specialize in innovating & manufacturing technologically advanced products, with key focus on interactive flat panels, unified communication products and Accessories. Thse are designed with an aim to improve the way people learn and communicate in this digital era. 

Inspired by GoI’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, brand Solitaire started manufacturing / assembling these technology products in India. The factory / assembly line is located at Noida, with the long-term vision of exporting them worldwide.

The manufacturing division takes full pride in its ability to conceptualize, design, and manufacture innovative products that meet the unique needs of Education & Enterprise customers. 


Brand SOLITAIRE also maintains strict quality control measures and standards throughout its manufacturing / assembling process to ensure product consistency and reliability which is reinforced by a multiple array of certifications. These certifications include ISO 9001 for quality management systems, ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 27001 for information security management, and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety. 

Additionally, Solitaire products meet regulatory standards such as BIS, CE, CB (TUV), FCC, and RoHS, ensuring their compatibility, safety, and environmental sustainability. The company's dedication to quality is further validated by certifications from NABL Test Lab, eWaste management and Great Manufacturing Practice (GMP), underscoring its adherence to rigorous testing and manufacturing standards. These certifications not only demonstrate our commitment to excellence, but also provide customers with confidence in the reliability and integrity of its products.

DQ: Tell us about some cutting-edge features that are addressing modern classroom and meeting space needs.


Dr. Ramya Chatterjee: Solitaire stands out as a premium brand in technology product space. These products are dedicated to pioneering innovation and crafting state-of-the-art products aimed at revolutionizing learning outcomes and meeting room experiences. 

The extensive range spans from in-classroom teaching products tailored for modern digital classrooms to sophisticated unified communication products for meeting rooms. At Solitaire, we are dedicated to leveraging the power of interactive technologies to transform learning and communication experiences for a brighter, more connected future.

DQ: Elaborate on the customized solutions for diverse sector needs.


Dr. Ramya Chatterjee: Solitaire recognizes the importance of customization and personalization in meeting the unique needs of its customers. The company plans to leverage emerging technologies to offer customizable interactive flat panels, unified communication products and associated accessories tailored to specific industries, use cases, and user preferences. 

For valued business partners, we offer a range of tailored solutions. Whether they are involved in large projects, ICT tender business, smart classroom projects, GeM business, or the private school sector, we have the expertise and resources to meet their specific requirements. 

Our interactive flat panels and UC products boast cutting-edge technology, ensuring that learning and presentations are seamlessly immersive experiences. This approach ensures that our products address the diverse requirements of the target markets, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


DQ: What is the status of the interactive display market today?

Dr. Ramya Chatterjee: According to, the global interactive flat panel market is forecasted to reach $12.5 billion by CY 2024, and is projected to grow to $16.9 billion by CY 2029. Notably, the Asia Pacific region, which includes India, is expected to exhibit robust growth, surpassing a 10% CAGR until 2033.

In India, the interactive flat panel market is thriving. Estimates suggest that in FY 23-24, approximately 3,50,000 units were sold, with expectations exceeding 4,00,000 units in FY 24-25, indicating a Year-on-Year (YoY) growth of around 14%-15%, as per our market intelligence team's analysis. 


This growth is fueled by significant adoption across various sectors, including educational institutes, training centers, coaching institutes, broadcasting studios, retail spaces, corporate offices, government offices, and the hospitality industry. 

DQ: Where are interactive panels being used for education in India? Please give some examples.

Dr. Ramya Chatterjee: In the earlier days, technology was primarily confined to IT sectors and laboratories. With time there has been a shift towards technology in every sector. 

The introduction of interactive panels for education introduced a new era of advanced learning. Interactive panels are being increasingly utilized for education across various institutions in India like K12 private schools, government schools under Digital India initiative, colleges and universities, coaching institutes, training centers, virtual labs, etc.

Solitaire interactive flat panel stands as a pioneering force in interactive technology, distinguishing itself as an industry disrupter serving the domain of education with a focus on private and government schools, government organizations through GeM, large-scale ICT projects and smart classroom projects. 

DQ: What are your future plans?

Dr. Ramya Chatterjee: Solitaire aims to establish itself as the leading IFPD and UC product brand in India by offering a comprehensive product lineup, supported by a robust service network and cutting-edge manufacturing facility within the country. 

Our commitment to delivering globally-acclaimed product quality is underscored by ongoing investments in R&D, ensuring continuous improvement in product features, usability, and performance. Furthermore, we are dedicated to cultivating a distinctive brand identity that embodies our values of excellence, innovation, and customer focus. 

Additionally, we seek to foster collaboration within the industry to drive innovation and co-create solutions that meet evolving market needs. At the same time, sustainability is a core pillar of our operations, as we prioritize eco-friendly practices throughout our product lifecycle. Furthermore, our steadfast dedication extends to fostering community development, promoting education, and advancing digital literacy initiatives. 

These endeavors resonate deeply with Solitaire's overarching mission and core values, underscoring our commitment to making a meaningful and long-lasting impact in society.

In long run, Solitaire envisions a comprehensive expansion beyond its current offerings of IFPD and UC products. The brand aims to diversify its portfolio by incorporating complementary products / solutions such as video walls, large format displays, digital signage panels, controllers, tiled LED (for both indoor and outdoor applications), tablets, all-in-one computers, and collaboration software. 

By broadening its product range, Solitaire seeks to cater to a wider customer base and expand its presence in both the IT and AV space. While the primary focus remains on the Indian market at present, the brand harbors long-term ambitions of international expansion, aspiring to establish itself as a truly global entity.