Transitioning to SaaS platforms involves several steps: Plus91Labs

Productivity is key to Plus91Labs' approach. It offers comprehensive services and support so that clients can fully utilize their Salesforce solutions. The solutions empower teams, increase productivity, and have a real impact on businesses.

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Tushar Dhawan.

Plus91Labs is a SaaS cloud consulting company. They help businesses streamline their operations for growth and profitability using leading cloud technologies. They have acquired Pixely, a Singapore-based IT company to expand their footprint in South East Asia. Future developments are into revolutionizing healthcare, and be a global leader in healthcare technology solutions.


Tushar Dhawan, Partner, Plus91Labs, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview: 

DQ: From Gwalior to global, how has your company made up for the top Salesforce partner award by enhancing customer experiences, fostering productivity, and driving growth for businesses?

Tushar Dhawan: Plus91Labs achieved the top Salesforce partner award by specializing in improving customer interactions, boosting productivity, and accelerating companies’ development. The rise from Gwalior to global also showcases our passion for excellence and innovation in the Salesforce ecosystem. 


We understand the importance of customer experience, and therefore, integrate customer-centric Salesforce solutions that enhance processes, and workflows and adapt to every business uniquely. We serve industries such as FMCG, consumer goods, manufacturing, pharma, and edtech to succeed in a challenging economy.


Productivity is key to our approach. We offer comprehensive services and support so that they can fully utilize their Salesforce solutions. Our solutions empower teams, increase productivity, and have a real impact on businesses. Our strategic partnerships with global businesses and the recent acquisition of a Singapore-based Salesforce consulting partner expand our reach and capabilities, enabling us to deliver unparalleled value to clients. 


This also exemplifies our values of excellence, innovation, and customer success into action. These efforts focus on a better customer experience, increased productivity, and the promotion of growth, which characterize the entire Salesforce ecosystem and beyond.  

DQ: How has Plus91Labs utilized cutting-edge automation technologies to enhance Salesforce implementations?

Tushar Dhawan: We, at Plus91Labs, have been firm believers in automating Salesforce implementations with the help of advanced technologies. We enhance the efficiency of these processes, integrate them with other platforms, implement artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other automation methods. 


We accelerate the process using state-of-the-art automation instruments to facilitate data handling, streamline activities, and help businesses achieve the maximum possibilities of Salesforce. 

Continuous innovation and automation allow us to create hard-working, repeatable solutions that produce measurable results for our clients in these exciting times in the field of business. This increases overall efficiency and productivity by providing the necessary impetus for innovation and the progress of our clients.

As a SaaS-focused platinum System Implementor, Plus91Labs aims to provide consulting services to enterprises.


DQ: How would you approach understanding the unique needs and challenges of different clients in order to drive growth for their businesses?

Tushar Dhawan: We are committed to helping clients achieve their business goals through personalized consulting services. Several principles guide our approach to understanding their unique needs and challenges.

We start with comprehensive discovery phases, where we involve important organizational members in workshops, where we learn about their business strategies, their objectives and challenges, and their current processes. This hindsight, together with the broader insight, provides the framework for the creation of client-specific solutions concerning their goals.


During the whole of the consulting process, we always involve the client’s team and continually urge the client to communicate freely with us to make sure that our solution is aligned with the client’s vision. However, since every business is dynamic, we combine the Waterfall model with Iterative refinement and encourage businesses to seek our inputs as they go through this process so that they can make adjustments along the way to enhance their growth trajectory.

Also, we value working not only on a transaction basis but also offering ongoing support throughout the client’s lifecycle, especially for multiple growth and development scenarios. Through this client-focused approach, we support enterprises in achieving their goals and addressing their specific problems, providing effective solutions that promote sustainable business development. 

Additionally, one of the key services we offer is adoption office, where we help organizations to implement change smoothly. We understand that growth and challenges comes from different scenarios and challenges, and our support ensures that organization not only adapt to the changes but also thrive the process.


DQ: Can you explain the importance of Salesforce in streamlining sales processes and driving revenue growth for businesses?

Tushar Dhawan: As the partner of Plus91Labs, I realize the importance of Salesforce in revenue growth. Salesforce helps to organize the work with sales reducing the actions to those connected with customers. This allows salespeople to target specific leads based on their characteristics and move them along the sales funnel more efficiently and thus achieve higher conversion rates.

Salesforce’s automation tools and analytics capabilities additionally increase efficiency by automating inefficient tasks and offering insights. Sales operation management can help businesses reduce sales cycle times and ensure the company is allocating resources to the activities that generate sales.


Additionally, the cloud-based platform that Salesforce runs on can deliver crucial sales data in real-time and from anywhere in the world, giving sales representatives more flexibility and the tools they need to remain customer-centric and adaptive to change. This flexibility helps the business to adjust to the shifting market conditions and to capture new growth opportunities in the market for sustainable revenue generation.

DQ: How does Plus91Labs manage data migration during transition to SaaS platforms?

Tushar Dhawan: Transitioning to SaaS platforms involves several steps. Some of the most important ones are managing data migration with these platforms at Plus91Labs is a process that follows the industry standards, while keeping clients’ needs in focus. The first step is to analyze the client’s overall dataset landscape, define which data sets are of the most interest, and learn about their specific needs.

Then, we create a plan for managing and transferring the data that is sensitive and unique to the institution but it should not disrupt the ongoing activities. This involves the preparation of the data and matching, as well as a verification process of the data to be migrated. Our skilled workers employ strong functions and technologies to help computers with straightforward information extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), and data assurance and eligibility standards.

Throughout the transition, we ensure clear and consistent communication with clients, deliver regular progress reports, and respond to concerns when issues are encountered. Our mission is to help clients manage the change process to achieve great success in delivering the value of their data through SaaS platforms. Moreover, we provide extensive consulting services during the switch to SaaS to foster user acceptance and make the transition as smooth as possible.

DQ: What strategies has Plus91Labs adopted to navigate the shift from traditional software to SaaS?

Tushar Dhawan: Plus91Labs has also adopted a number of key strategies to shift from traditional software to software-as-a-service. First, we always make an effort to gather as much information about the market, the trends that are taking a new direction in the industry, and what the clients may need. This allows us to understand as early as possible what might be the next changes in the market, and what modifications can be made to our products.

Next, we conduct employee training initiatives and other ongoing education to keep our professionals up to date with the SaaS industry. This also enables us to establish the constant changes in the SaaS niche so that we can always offer innovative solutions.

In addition, we form specific collaborations with the most successful SaaS providers and industry specialists to provide our assistance and use their well-researched and developed technologies. Such partnerships help improve our competencies and support our provision of SaaS solutions focused on the value that customers are seeking. 

At the same time, we follow the client’s engagement model and establish a culture of open communication between the parties involved throughout the transition. This way clients do not experience any difficulties with the switch of their platforms and the SaaS ecosystem benefits from a common sustainable and powerful system.

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