Merchandizing solutions will become more AI-powered: Nitro Commerce

As per Nitro Commerce, for brands, it helps them fulfill the expectation of these new age consumers and stand out. For customers, it provides superior UX, and the right product at the right time, on the right channel.

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Umair Mohammed, Co-Founder and CEO, Nitro Commerce.

India had the third-largest online shopper base of 190 million in FY21, which is expected to be 350 million in FY26. E-commerce exploded to a colossal $80 billion+ in 2023. Nitro Commerce has the vision to accelerate the industry by 10x. Nitro Commerce's technology stack accelerates customer acquisition and conversion optimization.


Umair Mohammed, Co-Founder and CEO, Nitro Commerce, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview: 

DQ: Can you explain how Nitro Commerce's AI-powered solutions enhance customer engagement and drive business growth?

Umair Mohammed: Identity-as-a-service, where we have built full consent management system, understands the user intent in real time, and segregates the users based on our algorithms into high-intent users, and helps push people down the funnel in a fully organic way. 


DQ: How does Nitro Commerce's AI-driven personalization benefit both customers and businesses? 

Umair Mohammed: In this new era, customers don't expect, rather, demand hyper-personalized experience. They expect the brand to know their preference, and expect this to be the norm across all brands. So, for brands, it helps them fulfill the expectation of these new age consumers and stand out. For customers, it provides superior UX, and the right product at the right time, on the right channel.

DQ: How does Nitro Commerce ensure data security and privacy for its clients and customers?


Umair Mohammed: Nitro Commerce has meticulously worked with top data security law firms, and top-notch data security experts in the industry. This is to build a complete fully secure and fully data compliant with all laws, including GDPR, DPDPA, CCPA, etc. In fact, we are helping brands in becoming full DPDPA complaint before the law is enforced by Aug. 2024.

DQ: How does Nitro Commerce use predictive analytics to inform strategic decision-making?

Umair Mohammed: Nitro is using its proprietary algorithm to capture the intent of the user and assesses the user intent on 85+ parameters. Using this data, brands are able to tailor marketing, and messaging and conversion across the funnel.


DQ: How does Nitro Commerce's AI technology adapt to the challenges of both online and offline retail? 

Umair Mohammed: Offline and online are slowly merging, and archaic solutions are giving way to new-age agile systems. As we work more and more retailers, it becomes even more clear that in the next three-five years, this gap will become smaller.

Nitro Commerce, with its solutions, and composable commerce experience, can become the pioneers to drive this change. 


DQ: How does Nitro Commerce ensure scalability in its AI-driven solutions?

Umair Mohammed: Well, the key here to know what questions are being asked from the data. Our AI solutions are designed to work with the system in a way that they don't become super-resource intensive. In this way, we can democratize the way AI systems are available to even smaller brands. 

DQ: Can you provide examples of Nitro Commerce's collaborations to enhance its AI capabilities?


Umair Mohammed: We have integrated with simplified, and AI-first solution to provide is with language models that we have included in our product. We also are bringing AI solutions to optimize for bottom of the funnel optimization. 

The truth is, AI is as good as the data it is trained on, and lot of brands don't have enough dataset to train these models. Nitro solves this, and presents these solutions in a way to present it -- to the brand that becomes actionable.

DQ: What are Nitro Commerce's future plans for integrating AI, and shaping the future of e-commerce? 

Umair Mohammed: We believe that commerce is going to become hyper composable. In the sense, each customer will see something tailored to them and their taste on their preferred channel. As we evolve the concept of shops, or URLs, and destinations will be a thing of the past, and it won't matter to the consumer as long as its tailored to its taste. 

I also believe that merchandizing solutions will become AI-powered, as more AI ingests the customer level data. We also believe that as we move forward, mobile commerce will drive all forms of innovation. AI will be an important part in driving these segments of composable commerce experiences.

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