Innovation and Empowerment: A Look at VTEX's Vision with Prakash Gurumoorthy

In an exclusive interview with Prakash Gurumoorthy, General Manager, EMEA & APAC, VTEX, we explore VTEX's innovative approach to enterprise commerce, leveraging AI, real-time inventory management, and embracing emerging technologies.

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Prakash Gurumoorthy, General Manager, EMEA & APAC, VTEX

In an exclusive interview with Prakash Gurumoorthy, General Manager, EMEA & APAC, VTEX, shedding light on VTEX's innovative approach to enterprise commerce and its strategic utilization of emerging technologies to drive growth and empower businesses worldwide. In this conversation, we delve into VTEX's commitment to leveraging AI for personalized customer experiences, its high-conversion, composable offerings for both B2C and B2B sectors, the empowerment of sales agents through advanced tools and integrations, real-time inventory management solutions, and the company's vision for harnessing emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR, and Blockchain to stay ahead of shifting consumer behaviors.


Additionally, we explore VTEX's steadfast dedication to bolstering security measures and safeguarding data across its comprehensive platform. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of VTEX's transformative journey in revolutionizing the world of enterprise commerce.


DQ: How does VTEX leverage AI to analyze user behavior, personalize recommendations, and optimize pricing strategies? What data sources are integrated, and how does this translate into tangible business benefits? 


Prakash: As the comprehensive and composable platform serving enterprise businesses like Samsung, Sony, Whirlpool, and others, VTEX is constantly listening, reviewing, and gathering data on B2C consumer and B2B buyer trends. Additionally, we actively engage with enterprise brands to understand their needs, particularly in reaching new audiences, achieving sales targets, and integrating innovations to unlock growth opportunities.

As we are constantly responding to evolving demands and economic changes, we strategically utilize AI algorithms to enhance our offerings for enterprise brands to personalize products, collect valuable data on customer behavior, make informed decisions optimize their marketing strategies, and more to drive revenue forward. 

This is why we launched 'VTEX Vision,' a semi-annual product unveiling of cutting-edge solutions aimed at reducing the barriers to growth. 


For our inaugural VTEX Vision, we created a comprehensive digital product showcase with solutions spanning advertising, data, security, software development, and more. Many of these innovations are embedded with AI integrations to empower B2C and B2B enterprise brands to provide frictionless commerce for their internal team and buyers. Our latest AI-powered solutions include: 

  1.    AI-Driven Ad Network: effectively manages ad space across digital stores using AI-driven optimization. To maximize profits and simplify advertising efforts, it provides competitive auctions, precise targeting, and thorough ad campaign monitoring.
  2.  WhatsApp Integration for Tailored Sales: VTEX combines targeted campaigns, real-time campaign monitoring, AI-driven customization, and personalized cart recovery messages with the WhatsApp Business Account builder. Personalized client communication is made possible by this connection, which improves sales conversion strategies.
  3.  AI-Powered Intelligent Search: Utilizing AI to discover patterns in user behavior, this solution provides automatic findings and suggests relevant synonyms for search terms to increase conversion rates.
  4. Live Shopping with AI-powered Live Chat: VTEX enhances its popular Live Shopping product with AI-powered Live Chat to let users receive more prompt responses to their questions and requests during the live shopping experience. Conversion rates and customer happiness both rise with this interactive feature.
  5. AI is utilized in VTEX Pick and Pack Operations to increase efficiency and decrease errors in fulfillment procedures. Reducing human error and enhancing the overall customer experience, it automates the approval or rejection of consumer return requests.

These are just some of the ways we’ve built AI-driven solutions to streamline workflows,   tailor customer experiences, maximize advertising budgets, and more. Our end goal is to ensure competitiveness for enterprise brands in the ever-changing world of commerce.


DQ: What specific features contribute to the high-conversion, composable experiences offered by VTEX for both B2C and B2B?

Prakash: VTEX stands out as the preferred choice for renowned names in both B2C and B2B commerce, including Samsung, Colgate, Stanley Black & Decker, Sony, and Whirlpool, due to its ability to cater to the diverse needs of global retailers and brands. Its innovative solutions not only enhance conversion rates but also offer adaptable customizations tailored to individual business requirements. In today's retail landscape, seamless integration of software solutions, content creators, and suppliers within an efficient architecture is imperative for low maintenance costs and rapid revenue generation. Commerce has evolved into an ecosystem-driven play, and VTEX is at the forefront of connectivity. With an extensive network comprising over 1,000 system integrators and independent software vendors and over 6,000 VTEX IO extensions by third parties, we deliver comprehensive solutions with remarkable speed and efficiency. Our ecosystem extends beyond that; our customers can easily become marketplaces or connect to external marketplaces. Sales reps also play a crucial role in the consumer journey, and we're investing in connecting them across all channels. Additionally, this year, we're strengthening connections through data, leveraging AI to extract valuable insights. We envision VTEX as the source of truth for sales attribution data, which is vital for developing AI models in e-commerce. This collaborative journey fosters brand loyalty and resonates well with modern consumers.

Supporting this approach is VTEX's modular and scalable architecture, which facilitates effortless flexibility and expansion to adapt to market changes while maintaining optimal performance. This architecture, combined with FastStore provides intuitive tools and functionalities to swiftly implement changes, optimize product displays, and enhance user experiences without compromising speed or performance.


To showcase how VTEX can empower brands, we commissioned a "Total Economic Impact" (TEI) study with Forrester Consulting, which evaluated the financial impact and contributions of VTEX on businesses. The study found significant benefits for brands that transitioned to VTEX within three years, including $5.8 million saved by migrating from legacy digital commerce platforms to VTEX, along with a 133% return on investment (ROI).

DQ:  In what ways does VTEX empower sales agents to sell from anywhere and open new engagement channels? Does it integrate with CRM systems or provide real-time inventory visibility? 

Prakash: Our ecosystem includes sales reps who have a meaningful role in the consumer journey. We have been investing in connecting our customers' sales reps across various channels, including call centers, brick-and-mortar stores, field sales, and multi-level marketing resellers. In addition to selling more, we enable them to take on other roles within the ecosystem, such as brand influencers, content creators, or part of the store fulfillment team. Our vision is that, in the long run, the Sales App Suite is so powerful and relevant to the salesperson that they will think twice before considering working somewhere that does not have it, as the software will provide them with so many new opportunities to sell more.


Our VTEX Vision Spring 2024 announcement features an exciting update to help sales agents with our popular VTEX Sales App. The comprehensive tool is designed to manage sales processes and customer interactions efficiently. The recent updates introduced during VTEX Vision further amplify the app's capabilities.

New features within the VTEX Sales App include seamless integration with inventory management systems, ensuring real-time updates on stock levels. This integration enables sales agents to access accurate product availability information directly within the app, facilitating prompt and informed customer interactions. Additionally, we have introduced advanced functionalities for efficiently managing new product arrivals, and top offers, recovering abandoned shopping carts, and checking inventory status.

The VTEX Sales App is integrated with MasterData, consolidating all customer and order data. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate with other business tools such as CRM software, payment gateways, and marketing tools, offering enhanced functionality and customization options to meet specific business needs.


Furthermore, the updated VTEX Sales App now incorporates advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms for inventory forecasting. By analyzing historical sales data and customer behavior trends, the app generates precise forecasts for future demand. These predictive insights empower businesses to make data-driven decisions regarding inventory management, procurement strategies, and sales initiatives, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

DQ: How does VTEX handle real-time inventory updates across physical stores, warehouses, and e-commerce platforms? Also, explain the role of machine learning in demand prediction and inventory allocation.

Prakash: VTEX ensures real-time inventory updates across various fulfillment locations, including physical stores and warehouses, through its APIs. This seamless integration reflects accurate product availability for a unified commerce platform with product add-ons like the VTEX Sales App. Furthermore, with VTEX Order Management System (OMS) being native to the platform, there's no need for additional integration efforts to maintain real-time inventory.

Machine learning plays a crucial role in demand prediction and inventory allocation within VTEX. While many clients already have their solutions or partners in this space, VTEX integrates seamlessly with these systems. As part of our recent advancements at VTEX Vision, we also introduced Pick and Pack operations, leveraging AI to streamline fulfillment processes, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency. 

DQ: How does VTEX plan to leverage emerging technologies (AI, AR/VR, Blockchain) to stay ahead in understanding shifting consumer behaviors?

Prakash: VTEX strategically leverages emerging innovations for brands to maximize their commerce platform, enabling deeper insights, streamlined processes, and elevated customer experiences. This allows brands to optimize their investments, efforts, and time, extracting maximum value from their business operations. A prime example of this strategy is evident in the VTEX Vision Spring 2024 edition, which unveiled products that showcased the transformative power of AI. Unlike the industry implementations of AI, which focused on small task-related items, VTEX has integrated AI into key areas of business growth, unlocking a new way for businesses to optimize their operations.

Furthermore, VTEX's ecosystem of partners, apps, and integrations offers a wide array of possibilities for enterprise businesses. For instance, through AR technology, businesses can create immersive shopping experiences, while blockchain ensures secure and transparent transactions, instilling trust among consumers. By harnessing these emerging innovations, brands utilizing VTEX not only have the ability to customize their storefront to cater to the exact needs of their customers, but also gain valuable insights to adapt quickly, innovate, and deliver exceptional experiences in an ever-evolving market landscape.

DQ: What security measures are being implemented by VTEX to safeguard data and bolster security across its modules?

Prakash: As a composable and complete platform, security remains a paramount priority trusted by global brands like Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Whirlpool, and others. To fortify data protection and strengthen security across all modules, we introduced 'VTEX Shield' during VTEX Vision. This advanced security layer is meticulously crafted to elevate overall protection levels and enhance threat detection capabilities.

VTEX Shield encompasses an Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) to defend against common online attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, fortifying the security of digital stores hosted on the platform. Furthermore, VTEX offers a Pentest Readiness Service, allowing merchants to conduct regular penetration tests to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, thus preventing potential security breaches.

A key feature of VTEX Shield is its Security Monitor dashboard, providing real-time visibility into security events for swift risk mitigation. This comprehensive approach strengthens security measures, protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and instills confidence in data security within the VTEX ecosystem, ensuring the safety of its customers and stakeholders.