Decoding Retail Stock Broking: Angel One’s Data-Driven Success Story

Exploring the dynamic retail stock broking sphere, Angel One Limited, under the leadership of Chief Technology Officer(CTO) Jyotiswarup Raiturkar, thrives within a vast market domain.

Aanchal Ghatak
New Update

Exploring the dynamic retail stock broking sphere, Angel One Limited, under the leadership of Chief Technology Officer(CTO) Jyotiswarup Raiturkar, thrives within a vast market domain. With the industry witnessing rapid expansion driven by technological innovations, Angel One’s strategic prowess has secured a prominent position within this flourishing market. He discusses how Angel One’s innovative approach has not only reshaped its operational framework but also cemented its presence within the expanding retail stock broking market. 


Can you provide an overview of the technological transformation at Angel One under your leadership?

Angel One has undergone a comprehensive technological transformation to revolutionize its operational framework and customer experiences. This transformation involves system ruggedization, performance improvements, new features, building the SuperApp, and process automation, among other things. A critical component of this transformation was restructuring how our data is managed. This restructuring is vital for data security and advanced analytics and enables us to build more delightful experiences for our customers.

How has the integration of TradingView enhanced the user experience with advanced charting and market analysis?


Angel One has enhanced its user experience by partnering with TradingView to integrate our real-time charts with advanced features. This collaboration has elevated the sophistication of our platform, primarily through the introduction of advanced charting and market analysis tools. TradingView offers a comprehensive suite of technical indicators and chart types, empowering traders to conduct detailed market analyses and make well-informed trading decisions. This integration enables users to visualize market trends and patterns more effectively, thereby gaining a competitive edge in their trading strategies. In addition, we have worked with TV to optimize the performance and reliability of the integrated charts experience. This has resulted in a richer overall trading experience, marked by higher user satisfaction and engagement levels.

What role do AI and machine learning play in Angel One’s smart portfolio analysis tools, and how do they benefit users?

Our Portfolio analyzer tools help customers with insights and actionable for the portfolio. These systems take in a varied set of signals—from market conditions and customer risk concentration to company-specific business climate changes. This product boosts engagement by providing relevant and timely advice. Ultimately, this leads to better investment outcomes for our users, solidifying their trust in our platform.


What insights can you share about the future roadmap for the Angel One Super App and upcoming enhancements?

The vision for the SuperApp is to provide “navigation” for the customer through their overall financial journey. This involves more intuitive product offerings and timely surfacing of opportunities to guardrails for various journeys. This will involve us building systems to better understand both customers and opportunities and do match-making between the two. We aim to provide an efficient, highly engaging, and user-friendly trading environment by staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements.

How does Angel One ensure the security and reliability of its technological and digital innovations?


At Angel One, the security and reliability of our technological and digital innovations are paramount. We have established a robust infrastructure that includes private data centers for low-latency trading services and public clouds for other services. Our comprehensive security measures encompass encrypted data transmission, extensive firewalls, and real-time monitoring through Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. For reliability, we work on multiple fronts—from precision engineering and fault injection tests to a disaster recovery architecture with bounded guarantees.

We do regular drills to gauge our posture on both fronts. These measures are designed to protect user data, ensure continuous service availability, and maintain the trust and integrity of our platform.

Can you discuss any specific challenges you’ve faced while implementing these technological advancements and how they were addressed?


We had to keep delivering features while completing the underlying transformations. This “engine overhaul” necessitated meticulous architectural planning, defining/reviewing crisp milestones, and aligning stakeholders on business definitions and KPIs. This comprehensive approach ensured a smooth transition and successful implementation, effectively overcoming the inherent complexities of such a large-scale transformation.

How do you see the role of technology evolving in the retail stock broking industry in the coming years?

Technology is poised to play an increasingly pivotal role in the retail stockbroking industry, driving significant changes and advancements. In the coming years, we anticipate technology enabling hyper-personalization, with AI and machine learning providing tailored investment advice and support. Enhanced customer support through AI-driven tools will become more prevalent, offering users real-time assistance and insights. Advanced analytical capabilities will empower users to make better-informed decisions, while seamless digital experiences will become the industry standard.


Overall, the continued evolution of technology will transform the industry, making it more user-centric, efficient, and responsive to market dynamics. At Angel One, we are committed to leading this transformation by continually innovating and adapting to new technological developments.

What are some key metrics or success stories that highlight the impact of these innovations on Angel One’s users?

Key metrics and success stories demonstrate the impact of our technological innovations. One notable metric is our substantial user base, which is approximately 3 million daily active users on the Super App. Innovations like multi-leg orders, trailing stop-loss features, and live portfolio views have significantly enhanced user experience  and engagement.


These features have improved trading efficiency, allowing users to execute complex trading strategies quickly and precisely. Additionally, the positive feedback and increased user retention rates demonstrate the success of our innovations in meeting user needs and expectations. These advancements have contributed to overall business growth and solidified our position as a leader in the industry. 

Jyotiswarup Raiturkar

CTO. Angel One Limited