Acquisition will bring Opportunities for Employees; says Govind, CEO, Appranix

Govind Rangasamy, CEO of Appranix, discusses the strategic acquisition by Commvault, enhancing cyber resilience and rapid recovery for enterprises globally.

Punam Singh
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 Govind Rangasamy, CEO and Founder of Appranix

Govind Rangasamy, CEO and Founder of Appranix

In a strategic move to bolster cyber resilience capabilities, Govind Rangasamy, CEO and Founder of Appranix, sheds light on the recent acquisition of Appranix by Commvault. This acquisition aims to integrate Appranix's cutting-edge cloud application automation technology with Commvault's established suite of risk, readiness, and cyber recovery solutions.


Govind discusses the strategic goals driving this acquisition, the unique technologies Appranix brings to the table, and the shared vision that aligns the long-term objectives of both companies. He also elaborates on the growth opportunities, target market segments, and the implications for employees resulting from this merger, highlighting the potential for enhanced cyber resilience in today's rapidly evolving threat landscape.

DQ: What specific strategic goals or objectives led to this acquisition? How does this acquisition enhance the overall cyber resilience strategy of both companies?

Govind: This acquisition is a strategic milestone in our mission the enhance cyber resilience for enterprises globally. By joining forces with Commvault, we merge our expertise in automated cloud application rebuilding with their established risk, readiness, and cyber recovery offerings. This combination transcends traditional backups and disaster recovery to provide comprehensive resilience capabilities.


Appranix's automation capabilities in cloud application discovery and rebuilding significantly reduce downtime post-cyber incidents. Our technology transforms the rebuilding process from days or weeks to mere hours or minutes, ensuring rapid restoration of critical cloud infrastructure.

Together with Commvault, we are uniquely positioned and well-equipped to tackle evolving cyber threats faced by today’s businesses. Our fully integrated solutions empower organizations to recover swiftly from cyberattacks, resuming normal operations with confidence and efficiency.

DQ: What unique capabilities or technologies does Appranix bring to the table? How does Appranix complement the existing portfolio of the acquiring company?


Govind:  Appranix brings a distinct set of capabilities that significantly enhance cloud resilience for digital enterprises. Our core strength is automating the cloud application discovery, protection, and rebuild process, enabling rapid restoration of critical cloud infrastructure during cyber incidents.

Our standout feature is the ability to reduce the rebuild time for distributed and dynamic cloud applications from weeks to mere hours or minutes. This efficiency is crucial in minimizing the impact of events such as ransomware attacks, where swift recovery is essential.

DQ: How does this acquisition align with the long-term strategic goals of both companies? Are there shared values or mission statements that support this move?


Govind: Appranix and Commvault share a strategically aligned vision to provide comprehensive cyber resilience and data protection solutions for the hybrid cloud era. By incorporating Appranix's automated rebuild capabilities into Commvault's existing portfolio, we expand our joint offerings to address a critical cyber resilience challenge facing enterprises today: the rapid rebuilding of cloud applications after an outage or attack.

We are united in our commitment to surpass conventional backup and disaster recovery approaches, striving to provide holistic resilience solutions. 

DQ: Are there any identified growth opportunities or expansion plans resulting from this merger? How will the companies capitalize on their combined strengths moving forward?


Govind: The acquisition opens up growth opportunities by merging Commvault's established market presence with Appranix's innovative capabilities. We aim to meet the rising global demand for comprehensive cyber resilience solutions. 

By integrating Appranix's cloud-native rebuild capabilities with Commvault's portfolio, we enhance our ability to address critical cyber resilience challenges. This strategic alignment accelerates the availability and reliability of critical cloud applications and infrastructure post-cyber incident. Leveraging our combined strengths, we are poised to deliver unparalleled resilience solutions, ensuring swift recovery and minimal downtime for our customers.

DQ: What are the segments of the market you are targeting?


Govind: Our target market includes large enterprises in sectors vulnerable to cyber threats, such as BFSI, healthcare, retail, education, and technology. We focus on organizations seeking comprehensive cyber resilience solutions that prioritize rapid recovery from cyber incidents. Specifically, we serve businesses with complex cloud infrastructures that need efficient data recovery and application rebuilding capabilities.

DQ: What implications does this acquisition have for the employees of both companies? Will there be any changes to job roles or responsibilities for employees?

Govind: The acquisition will bring exciting opportunities to both companies' employees. The Appranix team members will be integrated with Commvault’s existing workforce, with the majority being based in Coimbatore, India, where we will be establishing a new Commvault office.

While there may be some adjustments to job roles and responsibilities as we integrate Appranix's technology into Commvault's portfolio, our shared commitment to innovation and customer success ensures that these changes will be made with careful consideration and support. We are dedicated to providing a seamless transition for our employees as we integrate our employee framework and policies.