Interpretation to be the Key in the World of Analytics

By Faisal Kawoosa

The journey of analytics has been exciting especially for people associated with the field of research, analysis and the likes.

There has been a ‘fear’ that analytics would take over the current roles and profiles eroding the traditional research and analysis profession. To a considerable extent, this is true and has already started to happen.

However, it is unlikely to ‘eliminate’ the human intervention. Rather it makes the role even challenging yet important.

With analytics, a lot many things through the value chain not only become similar but identical as well. There are same streams of data and similar tools and algorithms to analyse with. That meaning the results will be just the same. So where would the competitive edge and the differentiation in decision making come from?

This is where the interpretation would make the difference, which would come from the human being understanding the insights.

At present, the demand is more for data scientists as they can develop such models for creating relationships among various data streams to draw inferences. Going forward, there shall be even greater requirement of interpreters, which will be humans deriving insights leading to decision making.

(The author is General Manager, Research & Consulting, at CyberMedia Research.)

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