Advertisment renamed to Free Basics by Facebook; more than 60 new services available

New Update
Free Basics Facebook

To clearly differentiate the broader initiative from the programs and services that Facebook has been providing, Facebook has taken a decision to announce a new name for the app and mobile website — Free Basics by Facebook.

Anyone currently using the app will be able to continue using the Android app, though it will now be called Free Basics by Facebook in Google Play. And the mobile web version, which will redirect from the previous URL, can be accessed at

Facebook said that developers have adapted their services specifically for Platform requirements, and today, more than 60 new services are available across the 19 countries where free basic services are available.

Facebook believes that the program is making an impact on people’s lives by providing free health, education, and economic information. Facebook has quoted the example of SmartBusiness, a website that helps people learn to launch and run a business. The website now sees 5x more daily searches within their service since launching in South Africa in July, meaning more people are getting access to important economic information. BabyCenter and MAMA both reach millions of people around the globe with vital health information for pregnancy and parenting, including 3.4 million people through’s free basics services alone.

Starting today, people using the app or mobile web version can navigate to a menu where they can select which services to add to their list of free services. They can also search for a service by name or description.

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