International Yoga Day: Top Apps to Improve Health and Strength

The vast space of internet offers tutorials and helps in forming the correct postures with meditation to reduce stress and in improving strength

Sarabjeet Kaur
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On the occasion of 3rd International Yoga Day, take a healthy break that you deserve for all the hardwork you do. The spiritual and ascetic discipline of breath control, meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is now available on the internet for free. The vast space that the internet is, offers tutorials and helps in forming the correct postures with meditation to reduce stress, anxiety and helps in improving body strength. Yoga is practiced internationally to achieve benefits of health and relaxation. Follow the list of Yoga apps curated by Dataquest to positively transform your body.


Celebrating Yoga:

Ahead of International Yoga Day, the government launched a mobile application via which people can share their experience about participating in yoga and related activities. The Government’s share in marking the International Yoga Day with technology was witnessed when Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan launched the mobile app. The application will help in capturing big events organised at public places, schools and offices across the country on International Yoga Day and even after June 21, 2017. The app is connected to Google Maps and the information can be viewed on the website of the Department of Science and Technology.

Yoga Glo:


A cross-platform yoga app, Yoga Glo provides curation tools that let its users filter yoga and meditation classes. The app guides users through various exercises for fitness and meditation for better sleep and flexibility. The YogaGlo iPhone and iPad app is free to download and with YogaGlo membership.


Yogamplify is an app by Esri India. It uses Geographic Information System (GIS) Software & Solutions to help yoga enthusiasts locate a Yoga Centre and join the International Yoga Day celebrations. Yogamplify is available through web and mobile phones.



UrbanClap is a one-stop destination for various types of services, which also provides the service of a Yoga instructor at home. Unlike other mobile apps which provide a guide to correct postures or yoga routine tutorials, UrbanClap is popular for It’s just a tap away on your smartphone. For the best instructions of learning Yoga at your home, app makes hiring a Yoga instructor straightforward.

Breathe App:

The Breathe app guides users through a series of deep breaths which helps in proper meditation. It also reminds users to take time out to breathe in variations every day. Users can set time in app for how long they want to breathe. Breathe app is integrated with Health app to let users track their sessions. Breathe sessions, however, do not show up in the Activity app on Apple Watch or iPhone.

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