Intelenet introduces innovative workflow management tool

New Update

Intelenet Global Services, announced the launch of its unique workflow tool developed in-house - iSafe (Intelenets Systematic & Automated Fulfillment Enabler). Aimed specifically at the travel & hospitality industry, iSafe was created to address the issues faced by Intelenet’s clients. One of its main feature enables users to interact across five different global distribution systems (GDS), thereby reducing operational costs and enhancing customer experience.


The travel and hospitality industry faces a multitude of challenges on a day to day basis as they manage services across multiple time zones, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), POS, and inquiries in different languages, which can sometimes lead to obstacles in meeting deadlines.

Intelenet, in partnership with its client, a global online travel company, assessed different alternatives available in the market to counter challenges faced by the sector. With no comprehensive solution on the market, iSafe was developed to streamline all processes connected with fulfillment and contract loading. The highlight of the tool is its ability to interact with five Global Distribution Systems (Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan) across multiple time zones. Benefit can also be found in its capacity to automate work processes without manual intervention when processing transactions and prioritising bookings.

Other advantages of the tool include enhanced end customer experience and cost savings for the clients. iSafe’s operational capabilities eliminate manual data extraction and the tool provides a work allocation process that also offers real time access to reporting and governance.


“From a strategy standpoint, we believe in investing and developing innovative tools that can help our clients accrue benefits by way of seamless integration and real time reporting. The iSafe is one such tool that we have developed and helps in reducing operational costs by approximately $160k annually as well as reduce retail losses by 50 percent” said Prabhu Srinivasan, Chief Strategy Officer at Intelenet Global Services. “The solution is a strategic addition to our capabilities, making it a business game changer in the BPO market, and paves the way for Intelenet to become a preferred partner to all client stakeholders.”

The iSafe tool is part of Intelenet Global Services’ larger goal as they continue to deliver value added services to clients under a new initiative called TAP (Technology, Analytics and Process Excellence) which aims to identify and implement transformational projects for its clients. The goal to deliver value will continue with the October 2016 launch of Artificial Intelligence tool, iFARE. The unique technology, developed in house, has the distinctive capability of retrieving airline ticketing fare rules across multiple GDS’ and websites. Additionally the tool also allows for calculating amounts in compliance with the fare rules.

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