Insuring a Tofflerian World

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New Update

The insurance sector in India is gradually transforming itself through the

deployment of insurance solutions, portals, mobile-computing, document

management, and not to forget, work flow technologies for enhancing operational

efficiencies. Max New York Life too has leveraged technology to ensure a

paperless transaction support system, taking the day-to-day transactions with

regard to customer engagement and business needs online. This has resulted in

meeting business goals and at the same time being cost-effective and



Within the organizational landscape, the IT Infrastructure at Max New York

Life Insurance forms the core of business operations. The IT infrastructure

covers business needs from front-end sales to back-end operational support. The

company has a state-of-the-art lights out data center at Gurgaon, along with a

disaster recovery site at Mumbai.

Both these centers host the latest versions of servers, network

(LAN/WAN/telecom) equipments, monitoring equipments, high-end storage and

back-up devices. The data center is well supported by high caliber UPS, air

conditioning systems, and security systems. In addition to the data center and

DR site, the IT infrastructure also includes high-end laptops, desktops, office

support, automation software, and business applications. There is a well

designed private network which covers and extends itself to all the offices of

Max New York Life Insurance across India.

Hitesh Arora
, executive vice president and head, IT, Max New York Life


We have introduced .NET based

applications for the first time in Max New York Life


The banking and insurance sector has to overcome the challenges of reaching

out to its customers, irrespective of language diversity and optimization of

costs. With due focus and investment in technology, a company can overcome these

challenges by using the latest technology.

New Deployments

"We have rolled out multiple deployments in line with our strategic business

needs including customer portal, customer service, IVR, lead management,

reinsurance application, etc. While the re-insurance application has limited the

liability on specific risks; IVR has ensured increased productivity. From pure

technology perspective, we have introduced .NET based applications for the first

time in the company as it fits into the technology guiding principle we have at

the company level. In addition, we have also introduced Day Batch Automation

System and a couple of Open Systems too," says Hitesh Arora, executive vice

president and head, IT, Max New York Life Insurance.

Even though cloud computing is still at the evolution stage in terms of usage

in the insurance sector with regulatory constraints on utilizing hosting

services outside India, on account of data privacy issues, this has not deterred

Max New York Life Insurance from taking to cloud computing. The company has

certainly leveraged virtualization at the server end, having successfully

migrated over hundred odd servers to sixteen. This has lowered the hardware

maintenance costs. The server consolidation has also resulted in the optimum

space utilization and prevention of one application from impacting the others

when upgrades or changes were made.

Furthermore, it has helped in developing a standard virtual server build that

could be easily duplicated to speed up server deployment. The deployment of

lights out data center and virtualization at the DC level are also some of its

other significant green IT initiatives. The company is currently experimenting

with desktop virtualization.

Atreyee Datta