Instappy introduces live chats, chat rooms and communities on RMAD platform

New Update

Instappy, the cloud-based rapid mobile application development platform, has announced the launch of several exciting new features for apps created through it. The new launched features will allow app owners on Instappy to add live chats, host chat rooms, build dedicated communities, add photo galleries, and enable exclusive media download through their mobile apps for the first time ever on a Rapid Mobile Application development (RMAD) platform.


The latest feature launches from Instappy are a landmark development in the m-commerce and mobile-engagement based marketing segments. Not only does it allow app owners to enable real-time chat-based communication with their users for swifter query resolution and better customer service, but also drives greater engagement between brands and customers. The addition of in-app chat rooms and communities, in particular, is a first-of-its-kind development that allows for peer-to-peer interactions in a brand-centric mobile-based atmosphere. This gives brands and marketers on Instappy an excellent opportunity to own and engage a dedicated community within the app.

Speaking on the latest feature launch, Ambika Sharma, MD (CEO) and Founder, Instappy, said, “The Instappy promise is to delight customers and businesses, choosing a RMAD platform should not mean a compromise on features. These features offer greater value and functionality, keeping pace with the market needs. Businesses are looking to power their own communities on mobile, they can now build chat rooms and communities on their app. Cart abandonment can be tackled with instant assistance with live chat which makes a business critical feature for Mobile Retail. With chat rooms and communities available within the mobile app, marketers and business owners on our platform have a chance to own their communities and facilitate peer-to-peer engagement within their target consumer bases.”

“We will be aiming to launch more such cutting-edge features in the near future to give app owners a chance to deliver superlative engagement and user experience on their mobile apps.”

In addition to the chat-based features, app owners on Instappy can also now have photo galleries on their mobile apps. Apps developed through the platform will additionally allow owners to post and host exclusive media such as a PDF or a video on their apps, which can then be directly downloaded by users through the mobile app. These features will enable businesses and individuals to deliver a more complete experience to their app users.

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