Inside Singapore's prep to dominate Advanced Manufacturing and the woman at the helm of it

Vaishnavi Desai
New Update
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DeepTech will be the gamechanger in the future. With enterprises racing ahead to avoid being a digital laggard, hard or deep technologies will aid their acceleration toward new business models and markets, and improved efficiency with automation. 


As APAC gears up to ride the wave of advanced manufacturing, Singapore has been prepping the stakeholders in the DeepTech ecosystem to be ready for the takeover with gusto when time comes. 

Already experimenting, guiding and investing in the development of advanced, smart manufacturing is Suchitra Narayan. In her current capacity as Director of Advanced Manufacturing at SGInnovate, Narayan provides business-building guidance in areas such as business planning, commercial strategy and scaling growth to DeepTech startups in the Advanced Manufacturing field. Additionally, with almost two decades of experience, Narayan is well versed in product management, business development, new product launches and corporate partnerships across global markets, focusing on Australia and Asia.


Narayan's hold and expertise on the subject is a well honed skill with her stint at VP-Sales and Service at Gartner where she was providing strategic advisory to APAC leaders on go-to-market, business development, and commercial strategies in Asia. 

In this episode of Deep Takes, Narayan provides insights on:

1. The changing landscape of the sector with advanced manufacturing.


2. DeepTech startups leveraging the opportunity in advanced manufacturing

3. Future of manufacturing with additive manufacturing

5. Infrastructure, Capex and ecosystem to aid the process.

Narayan also brings to light the investor perspective on their considerations before they decide to invest in DeepTech startups. She also talks about the DeepTech ecosystem in Singapore and the role of DeepTech startups can play a role in Industry 4.0, especially in the AI and Advanced Manufacturing field.